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Reasons Why I Love…the Capitals #7.

RWIL! Look at me posting all the segments with the abbreviations.  I’m on a roll.  Please watch this video from Monumental Network and enjoy the adorableness that is the Washington Capitals.


Bullets, anyone?

  • I hate Ovi’s mustache.
  • I love Ovi’s robot Christmas sweater.
  • Brooks is playing the drums and Greenie is playing guitar? Isn’t it normally the other way around? …JK I’m stupid Green isn’t even playing guitar that’s Troy…Green’s got that cowbell thing
  • Troy Brouwer is my fave.
  • Is that Volpatti playing guitar behind Wardo?
  • TW is looking cute like always.
  • Troy is just hitting the guitar…or is that a bass? IS HE SLAPPIN DA BASS?!?! Oh my gosh, I hope it’s a bass.
  • Erskine with the baby xylophone and Nick fist pumping with the tambourine…I can’t
  • I love the end where they show you what it actually sounded like…Ovi singing and la la la-ing is too cute

And that is that. Caps-Flyers tomorrow at 3…I would give an arm and a leg to be there, but I guess I’ll settle for the sports bar down the street from my school. Hope you enjoyed the video!


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Caps Practice Pictures…Finally!

Ello  world. Remember I said I’d share Caps pictures? Well today is the day. YAY.

It’s really cool how they didn’t even post. Sigh. Try this again…

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Block Shots Your Face!

Helloooooooo there. I’m posting early today since I’m home and feeling like crap. I don’t really know how the Caps were doing the last time I blogged…all I remember is being sad about Nicklas Backstrom, which I’m not anymore, because he’s 24 and entitled to a life and plus it’s not like I’ve even met him yet so you never know we could meet and fall in loooooooove. (; Wishful thinking. But anywhom, we won, we lost, we won. We should play Ottawa every day. Is that a possibility? Because Ottawa = win.

The Vokeswagon played pretty good except he was kind of far out of the net somewhat. Better than the kitten though. I think Vokoun should’ve played against Florida, but that’s just me. They jumbled the lines a lot…moving Sasha up to the first, and Brouwer to the second with MoJo and Halpy. But I really liked the second line…Halpy got that rebound and Troy got a goal…Troy had himself a Gordie Howe hattrick! And Nick scored, because he’s awesome. If he gets an assist tomorrow he’ll be at 30 points! He’s such an underrated hockey player. Carlson had another good game, and ALEXANDER OVECHKIN GOT THE MOOOOVES LIKE JAGGER. Oh my gosh, I need to find that goal. It was perfecto. He had tons of chances which you know, are good because it means sooner or later he’ll score and by golly he did! He had the little wrap around the net move and then he was at the point and then he stopped, pretended to slap it and then snapped it and it was just awesome. A glimpse of old Alex was seen.

Apparently TSN was hating on the Caps. I’d looooove to hear what they said after we turned it around and Alex scored. He was their 2nd goal of the week or the night or something for his goal yesterday.

Mike Green also came back…on Twitter. (Hence the strange blog title) He’s the funniest person and oh my goodness you need to make Twitter just to follow him. Last night he was hysterical.

Annnnnnnnd what else. Oh Carolina finally won. And the Ducks won the other night too woooo yay Bruce! But I think he scratched babyface that night. There’s a bunch of pretty decent games on tonight, like Chicago and the Isles. I’ll be watching that…if it’s on, which it probably won’t be.

OH OH OH! NHL REALIGNMENT! Caps are now in a conference with the Pens, Flyers, Isles, Devils, Rags, and Canes. Which is cool because three of those teams kind of suck. And we’ll get to see them more often, and games against Pitt especially are always fun to watch.

BUT WHAT I LOVE ABOUT THIS IS EVERY OTHER CONFERENCE WE’LL PLAY HOME AND HOME GAMES. Like, we’ll go to Chicago, and then they come here at some other time! YESSSS! More opportunities to see all the west coast teams I’d like to see, like Chicago (again and again and again), and Edmonton, and the Ducks, and yeah.

I don’t feel like posting pictures or anything today. So yeah. Au revoir!

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Let’s Try This Again…

Hey folks! I’m back…with pictures muahaha (: By the by…CAPS 5-0 BABY! WHAT WHAAAAAAT! Vokoun got a shutout, and Sasha scored, and he and Brads hugged, and yadda yadda yadda. Good times. Tomorrow we play Philly and I’m nervous…and sad because I’ll miss the majority of the game due to work. ): Oh well. But yeah, good win by the Caps. AND THE BLACKHAWKS TOO! I’m currently repping JT19…got my Toews shersey in the mail today! Next on my shersey list I’ll probably get…I have no idea. Maybe Matt Duchene. I’m just jumping around with the order of teams here…don’t mind me.

Anyways…picturas! Here we go.

So over the weekend I believe, some Caps did a little modeling, including Nicklas my love! And Hendy, who cleans up nicely. But look at Nicky! Besides his hair, which is parted awkwardly, he’s a hottie! Right? Riiiiight? Right. (:

While on the topic of Nicklas Backstrom, I felt the need to share this picture from when they did that Six Flags thing that I oh so desperately wanted to go to however it was on a school night and ran late and Six Flags is in Maryland so I was kind of S.O.L on that one. But Nicky’s shirt…I have a shirt exactly like it. Except the sleeves are shorter and there’s some buttons on it…but it looks just like that. The colors…stripes…everything. We could be twins! And I happen to know where he got it as well because I am a frequent shopper of this store and recognize their products anywhere…AMERICAN FUCKING APPAREL! That store is my love. Forreal. I get allllll my hoodies from American Apparel. They’re the best. So warm and fuzzy and such. My shirt isn’t from there, but still, we’re twins. We could go shopping together. Okay. I’ll stop now.

Troy Brouwer and some little doggies! Soooo cute! He’s such a stud. Why are you married Troy? Whyyyyyy? ):

…John Carlson is so dumb. But so funny. But so dumb. (:

In other news…Mike Green is still sexy. (;

And last, but certainly not least, my western conference love.

Oh Jonathan. Why are you so lovely?

Wellll. That should satisfy your needs. I know I’ve been depriving you of Mr. Toews. That shall change, I promise. See you when I see you!

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Hockey Night in Washington!

Hello friends. It’s Tuesday, and I don’t have to work, which means I can watch the Capitals play the Panthers! And perhaps see some fists thrown…? Return of Brads = Caps sticking up for Sasha? Or perhaps Sasha hat trick? Hopefully a Sasha hat trick, since he’s on my fantasy team. Goals are good. Speaking of my fantasy team, I’m in first place! Woohoo! Totally kicking the asses of my 40-something year old male relatives…aka my dad and uncle. And some friends of theirs. But still, I’m winning. Tis wonderful.

Soooo, the Caps are 4-0-0! Yay! Wins are wins, no matter how ugly. And I’ve got to say, we’ve definitely played some uuuugly games. And paging Alex Oveckin, come in Alex? Score more goals/get assists/stuff please.

I know they called up Sabourin because Neuvy has issues and Holtby is getting ice time in Hershey. I miss my Braden, but, I suppose if he wants to make it to the NHL he needs a full season of AHL-ness. If he ever makes it to being a Cap. I hope so. I’d cry if he left.

So, mi amor aka Nicklas scored his first goal the other day! He’s leading the team in points currently, which makes me happy. Except I think Ovi should step up, but whatever.

Speaking of Nick, look how damn cute he is! [[………really? I just posted a whole bunch of pictures and it didn’t work. Oh well. I’ll fix it later. 😦  ]]

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It’s The Greatest Time Of Year!


Really good game. Slow start, but kickass second period. Eric Staal I hate you. Alex Semin I LOVE you. Because I wasn’t here much over the summer, I couldn’t comment on how incredibly stupid some former Caps were for trash talking Sasha. Who does that? He obviously does care. He scored the first goal of the season, and a pretty one too, he’s doing interviews in English, he’s punching people… He’s awesome. I love you Sasha. I don’t care what people say, I know you’re awesome. Eric Staal, I hate you.

Nice goal by Chimmer too. And Laich, nice crashing the net. I like that. And of course, game over Green (: And let’s talk about Nicklas Backstrom! Two assists, great puck handling, incredibly good looking, nice hair cut, AND he’s hitting people?! Did you SEE that little hit he had? No one messes with my Larsie (:

Speaking of Swedes, I can’t believe the little one got scratched. Hopefully he’s inspired and comes back and plays well. I’d like him for the second line, and then move Matty P, who I’m beyond thrilled made the team, down to the fourth. First and third lines kicked ass tonight. Especially that third. Real nitty gritty stuff.

Troy Brouwer is such a beaut. He adds to the sexiness of the team, most definitely. Ward’s pretty good too. Got his 100th point, good for him. Hammer is awesome, and Halpern…I think he did something but I can’t remember. I’m excited to see Vokoun take on the Lightning Monday. Should be good.

All in all it was a decent game. We even got a powerplay goal. But our PK kind of sucked. And we need someone on that left side of the net because that’s where the Canes kept scoring and little Neuvy Cat couldn’t get over that fast. Eric Staal, I hate you. (See a trend?)

I’m playing Fantasy Hockey this year, if you care. Ilya Bryzgalov is on my team, and he’s been awesome, so I like that. Sasha’s also on my team…and Datsyuk. And some other people. Chicago’s beating Dallas at the moment! AND NASHVILLE IS WINNING YAYAYAY GOOD GET ME FANTASY POINTS RICK NASH!

But anyways, no picture or link today. I have to start looking for stuff to do that. If you read this, I love you. I’m so glad hockey’s back. I missed sharing my thoughts on stuff. See you soon!

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Nothing But Backstrom.

YAY NICKY SPAM ❤ First I’d like to share examples of why he’s going to be great with our future children…

Feast your eyes on this. Total aw worthy picture right here.

Example numero dos. That’s a spitting image of our son. Blonde, with brown eyes.

So, so suave. You can be my secret service agent any day of the week. (;

I feel like I’ve shared this before, but oh well. I know you’re not complaining about seeing it again.

Okay. This concludes the Nicky spam for the day. Miss you Larsy! Come back soon (:

Speaking of people coming back, Ovi tweeted that he was back in the US the other day…specifically in Toronto. Need a map, Mr. Ovechkin? It’s okay though. They don’t pay you millions to know what country Toronto is located in…they pay you to play hockey. He apparently is back in the US afterall, at least for the 4th, because he was hanging out with John Carlson. Mike Green was hosting a golf tournament, which Karl Alzner and Nicky attended, among others, I’m sure. Troy has officially been signed as a Cap! Now all we need is Karl. I don’t know what changes will be made yet, however. I’m still hoping it’s not Sasha. Also, the Bears have gotten rid of a few of their players this off season. Andrew Gordon, Brian Willsie, Steve Pinnizotto. The moment I see “Mathieu Perreault has signed with *insert team that isn’t Washington*” I may lose it. At least Chris Bourque is coming back. Hopefully he won’t be so whiny this time.

I shall leave you with a picture of Varly, who is staying in the NHL, with his new jersey for his new team. Wish you the best Varls.

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