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Reasons Why I Love…the Capitals #7.

RWIL! Look at me posting all the segments with the abbreviations.  I’m on a roll.  Please watch this video from Monumental Network and enjoy the adorableness that is the Washington Capitals.


Bullets, anyone?

  • I hate Ovi’s mustache.
  • I love Ovi’s robot Christmas sweater.
  • Brooks is playing the drums and Greenie is playing guitar? Isn’t it normally the other way around? …JK I’m stupid Green isn’t even playing guitar that’s Troy…Green’s got that cowbell thing
  • Troy Brouwer is my fave.
  • Is that Volpatti playing guitar behind Wardo?
  • TW is looking cute like always.
  • Troy is just hitting the guitar…or is that a bass? IS HE SLAPPIN DA BASS?!?! Oh my gosh, I hope it’s a bass.
  • Erskine with the baby xylophone and Nick fist pumping with the tambourine…I can’t
  • I love the end where they show you what it actually sounded like…Ovi singing and la la la-ing is too cute

And that is that. Caps-Flyers tomorrow at 3…I would give an arm and a leg to be there, but I guess I’ll settle for the sports bar down the street from my school. Hope you enjoyed the video!


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Caps Practice Pictures…Finally!

Ello  world. Remember I said I’d share Caps pictures? Well today is the day. YAY.

It’s really cool how they didn’t even post. Sigh. Try this again…

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Hello friends. So, since I was here last, the Washington Capitals continue to be up and down. It seems like the only win against Canadian teams, no? At least these days they do. Sid the Kid is back on IR, everrrrrryone has a concussion, Cody Eakin is back in Hershey, Papa K is about to play his 1000th game tonight, little Swede is playing his 100th, Nick is 2 goals away from 100 career goals, Neuvy’s got a little swagger back, Chicago is doing awesome lately, Edmonton is doing quite the opposite, and yeah.

I feel like sharing pics today, though. Not in a talking mood. I feel like that ^^ summed it up pretty well and if I missed anything, well, I’m sure you guys already heard about it.

Tooooons of pics and gifs. Here we go.

Grrr. Tyler Bozak says, “click on me! You won’t regret it!” (:

So, I’m wondering when they’ll call up my Braden. I know he hasn’t been doing that great recently, but, I miss this face! And I’m deeply saddened by the fact that I had an opportunity to meet this lovely man and probably walked right by him in search of Jonathan Toews. Shame on me! Granted, that was a once in a lifetime thing, because really, when would I ever meet JToews again? Who knows! And daily I look at the picture on my dresser and do the happy dance because that was the best day ever. But enough about me…I MISS YOU BABY GOALIE.

So, HBO 24/7 has restarted, and I watched it even though I dislike these teams. But they’re honestly really funny. I love Bryz.  He’s so…thoughtful and different and I just want to adopt him. And Anisimov. And Callahan’s grandma.

Yesterday, the Washington Capitals and the Wizards and Mystics delivered presents to kids in the DC area. And someone was kind enough to take a picture walking behind Wardo, Carly, and Nicky, and post it on Tumblr, where I took it to share with you people. You’re welcome. (:

This is the best thing I’ve ever seen. Eaks is like, “Derp.” And Nick is like, “Ignore him. Ignore him. Ignore him.” And sexy Stecksy is in the background talking to Chimmers so this must be camp last summer. But still. Eakin’s face is priceless.

I give to you…hipster Eakin and a lion. Eaks looks cute with the hat and glasses! But any other time he’s just eh.

Guess what…we’re still not done! I’m so generous today!

 You must click on this. It’s a reason why Jordan Eberle and I are meant to be. And if you aren’t good at reading lips, he says, “I love to nap.” I LOVE TO NAP TOO! Napping is like, my favorite thing ever. Other than hockey, of course. But still. We’re soul mates. (:

Okaaay, one more I promise.

Mike Green and child. That kid looks so happy. I’d be happy too. By the by Michael, do you only own ONE sweater? I swear he was wearing that when I met him last season. With some glasses and loafers. Typical Mike.

Okay, so I was going to end it, buuuuuut I just realized there’s no Jonathan Toews in this little spam of randomness and that is not acceptable. So here you go. Jonathan Toews. (:

Aw, that’s better. I’ll never forget you again, Captain Serious (:

Well, that concludes today’s…random post of randomness. Hope you enjoyed it! Let’s go Caps tonight! And during intermission I’ll be running into my room to watch the Hawks/Pens game! Go Blackhawks! Yay!


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Block Shots Your Face!

Helloooooooo there. I’m posting early today since I’m home and feeling like crap. I don’t really know how the Caps were doing the last time I blogged…all I remember is being sad about Nicklas Backstrom, which I’m not anymore, because he’s 24 and entitled to a life and plus it’s not like I’ve even met him yet so you never know we could meet and fall in loooooooove. (; Wishful thinking. But anywhom, we won, we lost, we won. We should play Ottawa every day. Is that a possibility? Because Ottawa = win.

The Vokeswagon played pretty good except he was kind of far out of the net somewhat. Better than the kitten though. I think Vokoun should’ve played against Florida, but that’s just me. They jumbled the lines a lot…moving Sasha up to the first, and Brouwer to the second with MoJo and Halpy. But I really liked the second line…Halpy got that rebound and Troy got a goal…Troy had himself a Gordie Howe hattrick! And Nick scored, because he’s awesome. If he gets an assist tomorrow he’ll be at 30 points! He’s such an underrated hockey player. Carlson had another good game, and ALEXANDER OVECHKIN GOT THE MOOOOVES LIKE JAGGER. Oh my gosh, I need to find that goal. It was perfecto. He had tons of chances which you know, are good because it means sooner or later he’ll score and by golly he did! He had the little wrap around the net move and then he was at the point and then he stopped, pretended to slap it and then snapped it and it was just awesome. A glimpse of old Alex was seen.

Apparently TSN was hating on the Caps. I’d looooove to hear what they said after we turned it around and Alex scored. He was their 2nd goal of the week or the night or something for his goal yesterday.

Mike Green also came back…on Twitter. (Hence the strange blog title) He’s the funniest person and oh my goodness you need to make Twitter just to follow him. Last night he was hysterical.

Annnnnnnnd what else. Oh Carolina finally won. And the Ducks won the other night too woooo yay Bruce! But I think he scratched babyface that night. There’s a bunch of pretty decent games on tonight, like Chicago and the Isles. I’ll be watching that…if it’s on, which it probably won’t be.

OH OH OH! NHL REALIGNMENT! Caps are now in a conference with the Pens, Flyers, Isles, Devils, Rags, and Canes. Which is cool because three of those teams kind of suck. And we’ll get to see them more often, and games against Pitt especially are always fun to watch.

BUT WHAT I LOVE ABOUT THIS IS EVERY OTHER CONFERENCE WE’LL PLAY HOME AND HOME GAMES. Like, we’ll go to Chicago, and then they come here at some other time! YESSSS! More opportunities to see all the west coast teams I’d like to see, like Chicago (again and again and again), and Edmonton, and the Ducks, and yeah.

I don’t feel like posting pictures or anything today. So yeah. Au revoir!

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I Need A Little Cheering Up…

Hi guys…sorry I never posted about Thursday’s game, I was busy Friday and most of today up until now. The Caps didn’t look sucky, but they weren’t shooting or anything so that’s not really good. The hits were awesome though. And Sid didn’t get any points. And Chimmer’s goal was so nice. Goal of the century, I think. But we didn’t win. But I think we can turn it around, starting tonight. It’s Brooksy and Ovi’s 500th game, omg. They’re both going to score, I can tell.

Bruce had his first game with Anaheim yesterday and they lost in OT. But Cogs scored! And babyface Gordo! I hope BB and the Ducks do well. They all deserve it.

I’m sad. Why? Remember a few days ago I did a post about Alex’s girlfriend? And I wasn’t heartbroken? Well now I am. Because apparently Nicklas DOES have a girlfriend. So I’m sad and need cheering up. I think you’ll enjoy things I’ve selected for this cheering up. Videos videos and more videos. (:

Carly, Holts, Alzner, and Fehrsy

Click this link and it shall direct you to a CSN video from last year of the boys after practice goofing off. I especially like the beginning when they’re “curling” or whatever and Braden kind of sucks at it and they all laugh hysterically. John’s laugh is so dumb though. But it’s really funny. I think you’ll enjoy this (:

So, this is Ebs and Hallsy doing a tour of their crib and it’s adorable because it’s Ebs and Hallsy. Eberle has the cutest voice. And he has that gap but it adds character I think.  “Pretty sure you just walked into it.” “Just to clear that up we shower at the rink.” Oh Jordan. (:

And finally, my favorite non-Russian captain (:

Tazer funny moments…not by me. I apologize for the music at the end I could do without it. But mainly I loved his story, and his butt. (:

Well I’m slightly happier. I hope all you Backstrom adorers are as well. We’ll get through this together. Let’s go Caps!

Annnd because I feel like cheering for other people I shall say let’s go…Blackhawks, Maple Leafs, Hurricanes, Jets, Rangers (shocking I know), Predators, Coyotes, Islanders, Oilers, and Sharks!

Au revoir!

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Happy (Belated) Birthday, Nicklas Backstrom!

Wow. It’s officially been over a year since I’ve had FTLOH. Thanks to all of you guys, new or old readers, for reading! I appreciate it very much! This post is probably going to be long and a little random, just fyi.

So yesterday was my favorite hockey players 24th birthday! Nicky! In the morning I went to Kettler, which was a short practice but good because I hadn’t gone in a few months. It was kind of empty because of the holiday today and people were probably on vacation and some in school so we got good seats. Wideman and Alzner were riding their sticks like broomsticks, it was funny. And Nicky broke his stick. Afterwards, I tried to find Nick so he could finallllllly sign my jersey and I could meet him and we could’ve taken a picture but get this…we were waiting for John Carlson on some level or whatever near the staircase, which the door was closed to, and Nick walked right down to his car and I didn’t even know it! Ahhh I’m mad. But it’s whatever I’ll get him eventually. So John finally signed my jersey and that was that.

Later on I went to the game! And I have to say that it was realllly good. Shouldn’t have gone to OT, but, we were able to win it so it’s all good. Lots of hitting, a GREAT PK in the second period, and it was soooo loud in VC. It was awesome, I was happy to be there. For warm-ups we stood down by the Caps along the glass and I was on the Jumbotron a time or two (: Anyways, I was glad to see Nick score, and Sasha too after being benched! And Alex was hitting and had some great chances, and the crowd really noticed too. We were all chanting Ovi! Ovi! It was great. Oh and little Dima Orlov got a point (‘: What else what else… I don’t know.

Pittsburgh lost yesterday, and Crosby didn’t get any points! Hah! He had a bunch of penalties though, the little crybaby. His game against NY was good because the goalie sucked, and it’s the Isles, but still everyone had to say how wonderful he was. No one said anything about his no point game yesterday, did they? Nope. Those fuckers.

While I’m angry, I must mention that I don’t understand how Lars Nicklas Backstrom isn’t in the top for forwards in NHL All Star voting. Are you fucking kidding me? He’s having a great year, and yet people like Jagr and Jordan Staal who don’t have as many points as him are above him? I wish it wasn’t such a damn popularity contest. Nick deserves to be in the All Star game this year. You guys should go vote for him, even if you’re a Hawks fan or something else. I’ve been voting for Mr. Toews and Jordan Eberle and other guys too, but always Nick. And usually Ovi.

I took some pictures at games and Kettler yesterday, so I’ll post those maybe tomorrow or something because I need to upload them. But I have random Nicky pictures and the best picture you’ll ever see, believe me. Ready?

Like, really? Why are you hiding from me? You’re so perfect and I’m just like ughhhh. So perfect.

 Ovi’s like wooooo and Nick’s like “Let me love you!” and this is why this photo is saved “let me love you” in my Nicky folder. (: If we ever met or chilled or something I’d totally have to delete that folder, just saying…

I was at this game! Twas cute.

 Please, Nicklas? Let me love you? Such a beautiful Swede.

Okay, so prepare for the greatest picture in the history of pictures….

So you might need to click on it to make it bigger but oh my fucking gosh, this picture is too much for me. I love my team, granted, only three people in this picture are still Caps. I love this though. Theo’s face? Win. Michael David Green and Lars Nicklas Backstrom? The best. I just about died when I found this. It’s perfect.

Well, I think that’s all for my randomness of the night. Tomorrow’s game is early so I have to go prepare. I’m off to buy stuff on the NHL store online! Until next time (:

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Hockey Pisses Me Off Sometimes.

So, I’m pissed. Very, very pissed. What the fuck is wrong with the Washington Capitals?! They didn’t win ONE road game, and they sucked. So much, that I think Sasha Semin might even be benched in tomorrow’s game. Our defense has sucked, our offense, and goaltending, and we’re taking stupid ass penalties. Our PK blows. I just don’t understand what is happening with the Caps. And Neuvy, I don’t think he’s been all that wonderful this year. Vokoun’s had some off games too. However until the last five minutes against Nashville? He was outstanding. So was Rinne, except he was awesome the whole game. I thought that game was pretty good too. Sasha though, he tries and then he doesn’t…he scores a goal and then he takes a penalty. He has more penalties than points, I believe. It’s outrageous. I think if he doesn’t get his act together he could be gone by the end of the year.

Another thing, which I think I’ve mentioned before, is the fact that if Ovi doesn’t start acting more like a leader they should take the C away from him. And take freaking Knuble off the damn 4th line! That hasn’t done much at all! And keep as Nick likes to call it, the Meats & Potato line, together! They were gelling really well. We have other things to work out though, things that are holding us back…like our slow as fuck defensemen. Hamrlik’s got to go. Maybe even Schultz too. He’s such a traffic cone. I’m so glad we called up Orlov, hopefully he’ll add depth. But what we need is Mike Green. I don’t think we’ve ever lost with him in the lineup. He’s so frail…first his foot then his groin? Goodness Mike, what are you made of, glass and paper?

Speaking of frail…guess who’s coming back tomorrow and will be playing for the first time at home…Crosby. Ugh. I’m so fucking tired of hearing about him and it hasn’t even started yet. It’ll all start tomorrow when he plays the Isles. He’ll probably score a fucking hat trick or something and they’ll be talking about how wonderful he is forever on NHL Network and Versus and everywhere else. Fuck you Crosby. I’m so tired of you.

In more sad news, the Bears lost (again), Chicago got their asses whooped by Edmonton (but at least I like Edmonton), the Panthers are in first place in our division, aaaaand my favorite football team (not the Redskins) sucks. Oh what a life.

But hey, Wednesday is Nicklas’s 24th birthday! And they play Winnipeg at home, and I’ll be attending! So perhaps a little revenge is in store? Perhaps a Nicky hat trick? Hopefully.

I’m too angry to post a picture or a video so we’ll save that for another day. See you soon.

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