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Warning: Rants and Jonathan Toews Ahead.

Exactly what the title says…I’m going to rant for a quick moment and then turn my frown upside down with a little Toews spam/a few other people.

Okay. The Washington Capitals piss me off. I don’t know what’s up with our defense and our offense and our goaltending and coaching and why we can’t move our legs but we suck. THAT BEING SAID…I’m tired of fair-weather fans and people always blaming everything on Alex. Yes, I think he needs to be more responsible or more of a leader or have his C taken off his jersey, however, I’m not blaming every little loss or thing we do wrong on him. So he doesn’t score every night. You’re going to sit there and say because he didn’t contribute it’s his fault we lost tonight to Buffalo? Uhm, perhaps we were watching different games, or thinking of different people named Alexander Ovechkin. Because the Alex I’m talking about isn’t a defenseman. His main job on the ice isn’t to protect the goalie and the puck in our zone and stop the other team from scoring. Yes, maybe he should forecheck and help out, but he’s not a fucking defenseman. Stop blaming things like that on him, and look at Roman Hamrlik who is about as useful as me, who can’t ice skate and is afraid of getting hit by the puck so I’d be running the other direction. And our goalies need to stop letting in soft goals. And we need to move our feet, and get some fucking confidence, because feeling sorry for yourself doesn’t do shit. Things need to change. And fans need to stop being assholes. I’m frustrated too but for goodness sake I’m a fucking Capitals fan and yeah we can’t win every game and we may look pathetic sometimes but damnit I’m still a Caps fan and I stand by my team. But like I said before, things need to change. And that’s that.

Okay. Rant over! Who wants to see some Jonathan Toews?! I know I do…I need his lovely face in my life right now…

Hopefully this will make you smile, because it makes me smile. He’s so derpy, I love it. Derpathan. Your facial expressions are wonderful.

NOOOOooooo! Click it! Best gif ever!  (I say that everytime they don’t work, have you noticed?) It really is though, just because Patrick Kane’s face is funny. You must click it right nowwwww!

 Mmm. You know you like this one. He’s practically shirtless, minus the vest!

Damnit! Click this one too…he’s all seductive like (;

This concludes my Tazer spam. Now…

 Frolik being adorable! Those eyebrows are lovely.

Bruins (not moving) gif from the game yesterday against the Wings! Cliiiiiiick!

 And finally, my baby goalie boo! Who beat the baby Pens yesterday and had a wonderful celebration afterwards…which I looked for but couldn’t find a gif of and my search didn’t get too far anyway because it closed the page. Oops.

Anywhom, I hope you enjoyed the second part of my post…the first just had to be said. Until next time!


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