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To Be Honest, I’m Quite Confused.

Okay. Free Trade Frenzy Friday was yesterday, and some interesting things happened. But interesting things are STILL happening, to the point where I considered not posting today until I know what the hell is going on. I’m happy, confused, and pissed off, and really sad. Let’s take a moment and explore some things that have happened over the last two days, shall we?

First things first, the Washington Capitals. Days ago, they say they won’t be trading Varly. What do they do? Trade him to the Colorado Avalanche. That was something I didn’t see coming. Colorado needed a goalie, desperately. We were all under the impression that they’d get one in Vokoun. And then they sign Varlamov to a huuuge deal. Well, not huge, but it’s definitely more money than he made here. Even more money than Neuvy gets. I wish him the best of luck there, with my boys Matt Duchene, Paul Stastny, and future Av Gabriel Landeskog.

Boyd Gordon went to Phoenix. I have no problem with this, because having family there and knowing their team, I like the Yotes. Best of luck to him.

Marco went to Vancouver, and Matt Bradley, who I’m going to miss very much, went to the Panthers. Washington gained former Cap Jeff Halpern, Pred and post season hero Joel Ward, and Hab Roman Hamrlik. Also, from Colorado, we get a first and second round pick in the draft, which many say was quite a steal for Varly, who tends to get injured much.

Yesterday, GMGM and BB were interviewed, and said how they were happy with their two young goalies, Michal and Braden. I was happy, too. This was going to be his shot at the big time, and folks I follow on Twitter say that after talking to Holtby, he was excited for the opportunity. But what do we do? We sign Vokoun. Total shock, in my eyes. Everyone says it’s going to be good, but now we don’t have enough money for Karl and Troy. So we’ll have to trade someone. And everyone says it’s going to be Sasha. ): And that also means Braden will be in Hershey. I think it’s good that’ll he get another year of practice, but I just want him here. Maybe next year, I suppose. Plus, we always have those few games if when someone gets injured. I’ll wait to get my Holtby jersey another year, I guess.

NEWSFLASH AS OF TWO MINUTES AGO! The Anaheim Ducks signed Andrew Gordon )’: My heart breaks even more now than it did before.

The Florida Panthers have been extremely busy. They have Theo, Flash, Brads, Scottie Upshall who was unfortunately taken away from his best friend Sami Lepisto, and a whole bunch of other people who I’m not thinking of at the moment.

Brad Richards signed with the Rangers, surprise, surprise. But speaking of surprises, Jagr ended up in Philly! And so did Max Talbot! That shocked me. Penguins-Flyers games are going to be great this year, I’m predicting.

Well, I suppose I’ll post some pictures of those leaving us. :\ If there’s any other news, I’ll blog again, or update this one. If there’s anyone you’d like to know about, I’m sure there are full Free Trade lists online somewhere, perhaps NHL.com.

Babyface, I’ll miss you more than you’ll ever know. Let’s stay Facebook friends, okay?


It’s going to be so weird not saying “Hendricks-Gordon-Bradley” next year. Perhaps I’ll see you in Phoenix sometime, Boydo.

Definitely a fan favorite right here. Tell Jose and Flash we say hey, okay Brads?

I’m going to miss this guy and his unibrow. :\

And lastly, someone I hope doesn’t leave us…

Sasha Minor <\3 My first favorite Cap after coming here from NY. I don’t want you to leave us. How can they break you and Ovi up? Young Guns forever.


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Tons O’ Goodies.

That’s what I’ve got in store for tonight. Videos, news you’ve probably heard already, and all that other fun stuff.

First off, an NHL Award video that I adored.

This. Was too funny. I loved naked Ovi, and the “tell me about your first time” part with Sidney and Dupuis, who by the way, was signed for two more years. The announcer kind of gets on my nerves, and he told some lame jokes. Oh well. And what was up with the awful prompter readers? Really, NHL? A “real housewife”? Who called Martin St. Louis exactly what his name looked like. Someone should’ve said, hey it’s Mar-tan St. Louie. Oh well. This year sucked because there were no Capitals. But Jonathan was there with his mommy. And he made the best facial expressions, and the cameraman showed him practically the whole time. He probably thought he was attractive.

In other news, Brooks Laich is staying with Washington! I was so glad, because I definitely would’ve cried if they got rid of him. So we have Brooks and Brouwer and…whoever will go with them. I’m sure they’d be on a line together. Well, I don’t know. We shall see what’s going to happen.

GMGM said in an interview that if Varly doesn’t stay with Washington, Neuvy and Holtby will be our top two goalies. That fact makes me happy, even though I’d miss my Russian goaltender. But it’s whatever. I like Braden more.

I’m curious as to where Max Talbot is going to end up. Apparently Toronto wants him. That’d be cute, because he’d be with Army again. Which is Colby Armstrong, if you weren’t sure. Well scratch that. I just read on Twitter that’s probably not going to happen. I wonder if the Caps are looking into him. We need a badass forward who can score goals and hit people. As much as I dislike him (for being a Penguin and hating our team of course), we need someone like Max Talbot. End of story.

Speaking of the devils, the deal with Jagr and the Pens may be done tomorrow. I’m going to laugh so hard when he sucks.

The Islanders just got Christian Ehroff from Vancouver. Now with me originally being an Isles fan and also not knowing too much about Western Conference players that aren’t “big names” or on the Chicago Blackhawks or Phoenix Coyotes, I looked him up to see what he can do. And he’s apparently a 50 point per year type of guy, which I think is just what the Isles need. He also has recent playoff experience. It’s been ages since the Islanders have seen the playoffs. I think he’ll be good for the team. Maybe not this year or the next, but perhaps in the future NYI will be good again. I’m excited to see how they progress.

I’ve racked my brain of all news I can think of, and I believe that’s all I’ve got. So, until Friday perhaps, when all hockey hell breaks loose.

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