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I Need A Little Cheering Up…

Hi guys…sorry I never posted about Thursday’s game, I was busy Friday and most of today up until now. The Caps didn’t look sucky, but they weren’t shooting or anything so that’s not really good. The hits were awesome though. And Sid didn’t get any points. And Chimmer’s goal was so nice. Goal of the century, I think. But we didn’t win. But I think we can turn it around, starting tonight. It’s Brooksy and Ovi’s 500th game, omg. They’re both going to score, I can tell.

Bruce had his first game with Anaheim yesterday and they lost in OT. But Cogs scored! And babyface Gordo! I hope BB and the Ducks do well. They all deserve it.

I’m sad. Why? Remember a few days ago I did a post about Alex’s girlfriend? And I wasn’t heartbroken? Well now I am. Because apparently Nicklas DOES have a girlfriend. So I’m sad and need cheering up. I think you’ll enjoy things I’ve selected for this cheering up. Videos videos and more videos. (:

Carly, Holts, Alzner, and Fehrsy

Click this link and it shall direct you to a CSN video from last year of the boys after practice goofing off. I especially like the beginning when they’re “curling” or whatever and Braden kind of sucks at it and they all laugh hysterically. John’s laugh is so dumb though. But it’s really funny. I think you’ll enjoy this (:

So, this is Ebs and Hallsy doing a tour of their crib and it’s adorable because it’s Ebs and Hallsy. Eberle has the cutest voice. And he has that gap but it adds character I think.  “Pretty sure you just walked into it.” “Just to clear that up we shower at the rink.” Oh Jordan. (:

And finally, my favorite non-Russian captain (:

Tazer funny moments…not by me. I apologize for the music at the end I could do without it. But mainly I loved his story, and his butt. (:

Well I’m slightly happier. I hope all you Backstrom adorers are as well. We’ll get through this together. Let’s go Caps!

Annnd because I feel like cheering for other people I shall say let’s go…Blackhawks, Maple Leafs, Hurricanes, Jets, Rangers (shocking I know), Predators, Coyotes, Islanders, Oilers, and Sharks!

Au revoir!


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I’m Pretty Pissed Off Today.

And not because the Capitals lost. Well, that made me mad too. But I’ll talk about that in a minute. Excuse my language for the next paragraph.

What really, really pisses me off is how these so-called “fans” can sit there and talk shit about this team. Like seriously, shut the fuck up. Trading our whole damn team doesn’t do anything. People say, “trade Ovi, Backstrom, Semin and Green.” Well then who do we have? Do you really think that we’re going to get someone like the Sedin brothers, or Datsyuk? No. Those teams wouldn’t give up players like that…that’d be stupid. Just how it’d be stupid to give up our four best players. Maybe we need to change some things. No, we definitely need to change some things, but just getting rid of our best guys doesn’t do shit.

Okay. I’m done ranting for now.

The series was disappointing. But I think it was always really close. Except for last night. Well, we only lost by 2. I had a shred of hope when Carlson scored that goal. But it was short-lived. It’s over.

We’re not the only team going through this. San Jose is beating Detroit 3-0, and Boston is beating Philly 3-0. Wouldn’t it be amazing if Philly came back to win the series like they did last year? I hope they don’t though. Boston better win, and then they better absolutely dismantle the Lightning. And then the Sharks can win the cup. That’s what I’d like to happen.

So, we have a lot of free agents up for grabs this year, and I’m sure we can’t keep them all. People like Jason Arnott, Marco Sturm, Brooks Laich, Matt Bradley, Boyd Gordon, Scott Hannan, Karl Alzner, and Semyon Varlamov. Now, I’ve heard from sources that Hannan, Arnott and Alzner really would like to stay with Washington. Brooksy just wants a hockey team to sign him, and Varly wants to stay here, however everything is riding on the KHL offer for him. Personally, I really would like Arnott, Brooks, Hannan, and Alzner to stay. Brads and Gordo…I’d be okay if they stayed, and I’d be okay if they didn’t. I don’t feel like Sturm did a whole hell of a lot, so I suppose he can go. And as for Varly, I just want whatever is best for him. Because if he stays, I’ll be happy, but if he goes, that means Braden Holtby is our second goalie, and we all know how much I adore that kid. (: But no matter what, I’ll be sad to see some of these guys go. I really will.

The Washington Capital’s hockey season is over, but that doesn’t mean I’m done blogging (: We still have the rest of the playoffs, the Worlds (which Ovi is going to play for in Russia), the NHL Awards, and the Draft. And after that, I’ll find things to talk about. I promise (:

So, that’s it for today? Yeah. I guess it is. I apologise if I offended anyone with my statements in the beginning, but that does make me upset. Fans should support and love their team no matter what happens, or how many heart breaks they go through. That’s my preaching for the day. I’ll be back with a happier, nicer post perhaps tomorrow or this weekend. Adios!

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I need to think of more titles…

…I just sat here for like, several minutes trying to think of something catchy. Nothing came to mind. Oh well.

So, the Capitals won yesterday, and are on a 3 game win streak. It’s not much, but I’m proud of them. The beginning of the game, when St. Louis scored, I was thinking oh gosh. Here comes another one of those games, but they proved me wrong.

Here are some things I thought/have been thinking recently that are hockey related.

  1. I can’t believe Hannan got that goal. It was a really good goal. I liked it, even though I don’t quite like him.
  2. I do, however, really really like Dennis Wideman. He’s good, and he makes good plays and helps the goalie, which has been Neuvy these past few games.
  3. Neuvy’s been awesome. Except for that awful second goal the Blues got yesterday, when Erksine (I think) turned it over. He probably could’ve had that one. Bruce looked mad.
  4. Nicklas got a goal, but I don’t even think he touched it. It just looked like he swung his stick and the puck bounced in a strange way. But I’m happy for Nicky, because he needs more goals and such. I liked when they talked to him during intermission, he’s so funny. And he got a haircut.
  5. Alex Ovechkin is back on Twitter, for those of your who have one. He cracks me up with his spelling and such.
  6. My Braden has returned ❤ I believe he’ll play Sunday against the Panthers, since they play back-t0-back with them and the Lightning, who have lost two games recently, which is a good thing. Then, I believe Neuvy will play on Monday, since Varls is still injured.
  7. I kind of hope Varly doesn’t get better for a little while, at least until after next weekend, because I’d like to see Braden when I go see the Caps next Sunday against Chicago.
  8. I can’t wait to see Jonathan and all of the Hawks up close and personal during warm-ups. This is like, a once and I life time thing.
  9. The Hawks are wearing their alternate jerseys tonight.
  10. Johnny just scored a goal. He’s so good. MVP of the year? I think so. I really do.
  11. The Devils are tied with the Pens. Go. Devils. And. Stecks. !!!!!
  12. Dmitri Orlov signed with the Caps. I can’t wait until next year when he plays with us. I think he’ll be awesome. Then we shall have Carlson and Alzner, Green and Schultz, Wideman and…Orlov? I wonder how they’ll do it. Since we have Hannan and Erskine. Maybe someone will be traded.
  13. I’ve taken a new liking to the Columbus Blue Jackets.
  14. I wish my last name was Colaiacova. It’s awesome.
  15. Niklas Hjalmarsson is my favorite Chicago defenseman.
  16. Ottawa sucks. For real. Sorry if you like them, but they’re awful this year. And every year.
  17. I really miss Mike Green. Like, really really.

I think I’m out of things to say tonight. I hope the Devils win. They’ve been decent so far. Yeah. Enjoy your Friday night, and this picture of Mike, because I miss him so, and he’s absolutely adorable. ❤

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Happy Valentine’s Day!

I’m spending my day eating my weight in chocolate, and later, watching hockey. I’m happy that the Caps are one of three teams playing today. Well, technically six teams, three games, but you get the point. It makes me happy. Hopefully something good will happen tonight. The Avalanche are playing as well…maybe they’ll get a win. It seems like their downwards spiral occurred after Flash had his lung problems. Get better, Tomas, the Avalanche neeeeeed you!

I figured we could spend this lovely day looking at the Capitals. You in? Of course you are. Because I’m posting these bad boys, which I credit to Google for all of them. Enjoooooy!

My valentine, and his valentine. ❤ Alex, let’s try and score a goal really fast again, and then keep that lead. Okay? Make me proud.

Carly and Karly! Carlzner. Whatever you want to call them. They still cute. (:

<333333333333333333333333333333 LOVE THESE TWO! This picture is insanely adorable. Whoever took it, you have mad skills. And I’m jealous.

Nice booty, Alex. I love this picture! Taken by some really awesome person at Kettler, it’s my favorite forward and my favorite defenseman. Mike, I miss your long hair. Grow it back reaaaaaal soon, okay? Okay.

I saved the best for last. Russians make me smile. Especially Russians named Alex. The Alex’s plus Nicky plus Mike equal the cutest friendship circle ever.

Well, I hope I made your day a little better. This made me smile…I love this team. Less than a month, Washington. And then we shall be reunited. Less than a month. But don’t hate me when I stand more towards the Blackhawks side during Warm-Ups. I’ll always be a Caps fan, don’t you worry. (:

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Reasons Why I Love…The Capitals #3.

They’re. So. Damn. Nice! (:

Yes, that’s right. I was at Capitals practice this morning, and let me say, I haven’t stopped smiling since 10:30 a.m.! Practice itself was really good. When we got there, apparently Mathieu already came over to sign autographs, so, I was a little disappointed. Brads and Varly were on the ice, and then Bradley got off the ice before the official practice started, so he came over to sign autographs. Then, players started coming on. I got to stare at the back of Alexander Ovechkin’s head, and also laughed at him falling, and how he broke his stick trying to hit the puck like a baseball. I saw Nicklas, but, he didn’t come sign autographs after, so I was sad. Nicklas Backstrom, you will sign my Backstrom jersey. There’s no way around it. Every time Mathieu Perreault skated by, I smiled at him. Well, forget it. I smiled at everyone. (: Mathieu was just the only one who looked. Okay, not the only one. But, yeah. Brooks got off the ice first, and came over to sign. He’s super nice! And his eyes? Even prettier in person. Then, I think Mike Green came over. He looked a little overwhelmed, so, I didn’t get his autograph then. Key word…then. (; Karl Alzner was the last person we got inside before going to the parking garage. He was sooooo sweet! He looks like a little kid. I wanted to see if Matty would come over again, but we left. I heard he didn’t, but Beags did. Oh well.

Then, we went to the parking garage. Brads came down first, and just stood there. He was just like, “You guys want autographs or something?” And everyone was like, sure! Except me. I didn’t need him twice. Then, Steckel came down. He’s super cute in person 🙂 After he left, someone got in a car on the other side by an elevator, and some guy said it was Mike Green, which made me sad. But who was the next guy to come downstairs? MIKE GREEEEN (: I got his autograph. He’s so skinny in person! And so fashionable. People think he’s fat, but, he’s really not. He’s pretty cute, actually. I was so happy to get Greenie. DJ King came down with him, and I got him too. And just as I was about to ask Mike for a picture, he had to leave. King, who was his ride, already had the car on and was getting ready to leave. Knuble came downstairs too, but I didn’t get him, because I was focused on getting Mike Green to sign my jersey. So, after that, we talked to some guy, who got John Erskine’s autograph, about this thing in February where you can pay 30 bucks to meet MoJo, Matty, and someone else, and I was saying how I wanted to go to meet Matty and Marcus, and who is the next person to come downstairs? Marcus Johansson. ❤ I got his autograph, and a picture with him, which completely made my day. The last guy to come downstairs was Matt Hendricks, and then we left. But, all in all, it was a really good day. I want to go back Monday, if they have a practice before heading up to Philly. Going to practice is so fun. My pictures turned out crappy, so, I’ll post one or two, but, if I go Monday, I’ll take better ones and post them!

Sorry for babbling, I just had a really lovely day. The Washington Capitals are so nice. You should go to a practice sometime, whoever you are, because it’s fun, and free. Well, parking isn’t, but it’s not that much. Happy…football Saturday. Both my teams play tomorrow, and I’m recording hockey, so I probably won’t return until Monday sometime. Adios!

Neuvy (: I will meet you next time, Michal. I will.

Upclose and personal with Marcus Johansson ❤

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HBO Series, Part Deux.

24/7 Road to the Winter Classic Episode Two just ended. I’m extremely tired, and I’ve been since 5 p.m., but I stayed awake to watch, SOLELY for the very end, when the Caps all crowded around each other on the ice and were hugging. I must say…

It was damn worth it. (: I really liked the episode, as I did last week. The Capitals smiled a little more this time. And, Mike Green, what in the world is up with that Orange scooter? Now I know if I see one in Arlington/Alexandria/D.C., it’s you. And, Knuble’s speech was quite inspirational. I think that’s what turned us around. I also enjoyed the dancing after the Ottawa game. Especially Brooksy’s dancing. Karl Alzner and John Carlson? Uhm yeah. They’re…they’re so weird. I loved Nick though. “I’m not dancing in front of you.” (:

I can’t wait for next week, when they show the Jersey game, and they show Andrew Gordon smooching MoJo. Because it’s probably the best thing I’ve ever seen in my life. Missed it? Or just want to watch again? Here…

I love that. So much. “That’s great stuff right there.” Indeed, it is great stuff. I’m so happy for Andrew. I really hope they keep him longer than the roster freeze time. Really, really, really!! (:

Well, I suppose that’s it for now. I’m super excited for tomorrow’s game. I wish I were going, but, I’m not. ):  However, February 6th, I believe. Sunday afternoon. 12:30. Pens at Verizon. I’d like to go. I don’t really have anything to say about them on 24/7. It wasn’t as funny as last weeks. Except, however, Craig Adams’ son? Too fucking cute!!!! That was the best part of the whole, Penguin thing. Hands down. (: Oh, and I still like Fleury the best. And Crosby still needs to shave that ugly moustache. And Kris Letang needs a major haircut. But other than that, it’s all good.

Go watch 24/7. It’s worth it!

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Reasons Why I Love…the Capitals #2.


Watch it. Hopefully the link works. If not, you must, and I repeat MUST copy and paste it into the URL thingy, and then come back and listen to my reaction. In an ideal world, you and I will have the same reaction, however, you never know.


This or That. Taylor Swift or Miley Cyrus.

Personally? Taylor. Miley…she’s just become a train wreck.

For the guys…it’s Taylor-16. Miley-7. The 16 of the guys who said Taylor, good for you. Well, it’s technically 15, but with Mr. Ovechkin’s “both” I just gave her one and Miley one.

Okay. So. Braden Holtby. (: “They’re both around my age…haha. Probably Taylor Swift, a good country girl.” Good choice, Braden, good choice.

I also love how every single question they ask Broosky, he laughs. Every. Single. Question. “Big Mac or Whopper, Brooks?” “Hahahahahahaa.” It’s cute though. But there’s nothing cute about his answer.

And then, after Mike and Poti, we have Alexander Ovechkin. Oh. Boy. “I want both.” Alex, are you aware that you are like, 7 or 8 years older than Miley? I approve of Taylor. She’s not a pole-dancing salvia-smoking Disney kid. Even before I watched this, I knew he’d say Miley. (Sorry for the random bold. it was being weird) I’m glad to know Alex has, some good morals.

John Carlson would say Miley Cyrus. “We’re closer in age.” Actually, John, she just turned 18, and you’ll be 21 in January. She was probably 17 when you taped this. And another thing is, if you taped this before yesterday, which is highly likely because Andrew Gordon has been in all of the This or That’s and he was only with the Caps on Tuesday, Taylor Swift was 20 as well. So no, it isn’t “closer in age”, it’s Miley can pole dance and you like that sort of thing. Maybe you should be more like your A1 buddy, Karl Alzner. Did you see that smile? “Taylor Swift.” It was adorable. I’m kind of harsh on John Carlson, but it’s not my fault he bothers me. (:

Oh, Varly. “Who is that??” I’m sure if he knew he’d say Miley, but I’m glad he doesn’t because it’s so funny how he’s clueless on America’s…culture.

Nicklas Backstrom. “I don’t like…country.” Yeah, yeah. We all saw that smile, Nick. You like Miley. You and Ovechkin. I can see you now. He’s corrupting your innocent mind, isn’t he?

I love how all the young guys sigh, and then answer. Like Marcus.

Mike Knuble. “Miley Cyrus…I like her music better.” Because, I can totally see you grooving to “Party in the USA”, Mike. (:

Oh, the Capitals. Some how, even though they make me want to through a brick into my television screen, I still love them.

Happy Tuesday, and Happy Belated Birthday Andrew Gordon! I’m sorry you got a one-way ticket back to Hershey, but you’ll be back. I know it. And when you come back, bring Braden with you? (:

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