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Reasons Why I Love…the Chicago Blackhawks #2.

Hello, all. Sorry it’s been a while…I’ve been working like crazy over break! Luckily I was able to watch the Caps game tonight, which we won! Fehr scored on a tip in with under a minute to go in the third to give us the lead. My throat still hurts from screaming.  Also, Mike Green got his 200th career assist and 300th career point! Way to go Greenie! I’m glad to see he’s doing much better.  In other news, I could do without Erskine on our team.

BACK TO THE TOPIC! I was looking at my Caps Canine calendar (lol alliteration. I’m a nerd)., which reminded me of some Tumblr posts I saw of Jonathan Toews rolling around on a couch with a pitbull (I died), did some investigating, and found that the Hawks did a puppy calendar of their own. So without further ado, here’s a couple of my favorite pics from this adorable photoshoot. [[Edit: I just read that this is an all pitbull calendar with the Hawks, which benefits Bryan Bickell and his wife’s foundation that promotes pitbull awareness! Too cute! I’ll link the article at the end.


Aww, Benny is just too cute!


Now this right here is the key to my heart. Puppies and hockey players?!?! What more could a girl want!


That dog looks so happy to be chillin with Duncan Keith.

And now…my favorite… (:


This is the cutest freakin thing I’ve ever seen ever.  I’m quite the fan of shirtless Toews, but playful puppy wrestler Toews? He takes the cake.


I’ve said it 1000 times in this article and probably 100000 times overall on FTLOH, but I can’t help it… It’s just TOO CUTE (:

Well, that’s all for now! If you want to read the snippet from the USA Today article/see the pic of Bicks and his pup that I left out, here’s the link! >> http://ftw.usatoday.com/2014/01/chicago-blackhawks-2014-puppy-calendar/  Also, the adorable Toews puppy pics are credited to the lovely blog, hockeyplayerswithpets.tumblr.com! I suggest you check it out, it’s a super cute blog! Hope you all enjoyed! Have a great night!


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Any Folks In Chicago Want To Adopt Me?

I’ll clean. And I make some kickass cookies if I do say so myself.

Why the need to live in Chicago? So I can attend the Blackhawks Convention. Even though I missed this years convention. I’d still like to go to training camp…maybe get a job with the Hawks. Like, and interviewer. That would be grand.

Today was day two of the convention, and in my eyes the fun day. From Joey the Junior Reporter to “Most Wanted” panels, it sounds like Chicago hockey fans had an awesome day. Especially, if they got to witness this…

http://video.blackhawks.nhl.com/videocenter/console?catid=894&id=120907&navid=DL|CHI|home (click on it, you’ll enjoy. I promise.)

PATRICK ACTUALLY DID THE KANER SHUFFLE. And it was lovely. I laughed so hard watching it. It’s really hard not to have a big goofy smile on your face while watching it, no matter how many times you see it, or even if you witnessed it in person. All the girls in the audience were like, “ahh!” Twas the best.

And now, a few pictures, thanks to some lovely people off Tumblr who posted them. Of course, there are others floating around in other places, but I rely on Tumblr because of the large number of Hawks fans I follow.

I love love LOVE this man. He’s the definition of adorable. Corey Crawford, you’re so awesome.

Man of the hour? I don’t like Kaner’s haircut. Too short for my liking.

 Something about him… He just looks, so much better than he normally does. Seabs and Duncs have the second cutest bromance on this team. (:

Viktor… *drool* Is there a rule somewhere that says “All Swedish men have to be incredibly good-looking” ?? Because I swear…Swedish guys…they’re just perfect.

And lastly…the one you’ve(ladies) allllll beeeeeen waiting for, I know.

TAZER (: So handsome.

Whoever took this…I love you. I will love you forever. Because this right here ^^ is the best thing I’ve ever seen. I’m most definitely using it in future posts…when necessary (and because I make the decisions around here, it shall be necessary 24/7 (: )

Well. That’s the end of that. Whenever someone, be it the Hawks website or someone on youtube, posts the panel videos, I shall make sure to post them in a later…post. Hope you got your Toews/Blackhawk fix everyone! See ya!

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My Future Child Will Be As Cute As…

Craig Adams’ son (:

This was seriously my favorite part of the HBO series. Rhys (which I love the spelling of) is absolutely adorable, and I most definitely have this memorized, although my voice isn’t as high-pitched and cute.

“Who’s this?” “Craig.” “Who?” “Craig.” “You mean daddy?” The smile. It’s so cute!

I said this would be coming one day, didn’t I? JOEY (: This. Is adorable. He looks a lot like Jonathan. I always love how Soupy talks to him. He never looks like he’s paying attention either.

I love Corey Crawford.


I also adore the mustache conversation.

You probably have no idea what I’m talking about, unless you watch it (: And I know you will, Tazer is in it! And he’s still quite the popular guy around here these days. I don’t blame you. Not one bit.

Well, that’s all the news for today. Thanks for reading! [[And before I go I want to take a quick moment to credit the second video to bhtv, although I have a feeling it’s going to get taken down anyway for “copyrighting”. So if that is the case and I’ll check in a moment, I’ll just post the link and trust you’ll look it up on your own time. Also, I want to thank everyone who reads. That’s really awesome of you and I hope you enjoy it! If there’s ever anything you want to see or a video or picture or gif you’re looking for, or a person/team you’d like me to do a little post about, comment and let me know because I really don’t mind! If not, I’ll just post whatever I find (: But, yeah, thanks again guys, oh, and congrats to any Bruin fans for making it to the finals! I’m happy about that too! Okay, bye now!]]

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I Was Going Through Some Pictures…

…and decided to share some more pics I took from Caps/Blackhawks practice from March. Because I think I only posted four, and because I’m sure you’d like to see. Especially the Toews ones, if I have good ones to spare. I’m even contemplating posting the picture of him and I, but I don’t think I will. Not yet. I’ll save that for a rainy day (:

It’s Beagle! This was after regular practice… He was the last guy off the ice and all the fans cleared out after getting Nicky’s autograph, so we moved really close just in case he or someone else came by. Beags is a sweetheart. (:

It’s Braden! My camera really sucks. But it’s him (: I can’t wait for next season. I really miss my boys ): Okay. Blackhawk time, because my Caps pictures are pretty shitty.

It’s Corey! I’ve started every caption with “It’s somebody”. I apologize. I’ll stop now. Upon further review, I can tell you that the guy in the corner not facing the camera is Viktor. The other guy…I can’t really tell who it is. I don’t remember either. I was focused on that goalie (:

Sharp Shooter ❤ Or Sharp Dressed Man. Whatever you prefer to call him.

My favorite blurry person ❤ JTOEWS. He and Kaner stood in that corner for like, the first half of practice. I remember being in Blackhawk Heaven (:

Lastly, I present to you one of my favorite top lines in hockey…the Patricks and Mr. Toews. Blurry again, and slightly yellow looking, but it’s who is in the photo that counts! Anywhom, I hope you enjoyed this. In a few months, I’ll have new Caps practice photos to share, and hopefully some day more Hawks ones! Have an awesome day (:

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I was planning on updating like, tomorrow, but I can’t contain myself right now. CHICAGO IS IN!!! And according to James Dunthie, an “unnamed Blackhawk” screamed when the Wild got the empty net goal. No worries Jonathan Toews unnamed Blackhawk, I screamed as well (:

Happy Blackhawk spam <3<3<3 Like always, these are not mine unless otherwise stated, and if for some reason it is not moving, click on it and it shall move (: See you in a few days WordPress!!!!

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