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Reasons Why I Love…the Capitals #7.

RWIL! Look at me posting all the segments with the abbreviations.  I’m on a roll.  Please watch this video from Monumental Network and enjoy the adorableness that is the Washington Capitals.


Bullets, anyone?

  • I hate Ovi’s mustache.
  • I love Ovi’s robot Christmas sweater.
  • Brooks is playing the drums and Greenie is playing guitar? Isn’t it normally the other way around? …JK I’m stupid Green isn’t even playing guitar that’s Troy…Green’s got that cowbell thing
  • Troy Brouwer is my fave.
  • Is that Volpatti playing guitar behind Wardo?
  • TW is looking cute like always.
  • Troy is just hitting the guitar…or is that a bass? IS HE SLAPPIN DA BASS?!?! Oh my gosh, I hope it’s a bass.
  • Erskine with the baby xylophone and Nick fist pumping with the tambourine…I can’t
  • I love the end where they show you what it actually sounded like…Ovi singing and la la la-ing is too cute

And that is that. Caps-Flyers tomorrow at 3…I would give an arm and a leg to be there, but I guess I’ll settle for the sports bar down the street from my school. Hope you enjoyed the video!


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It’s The Greatest Time Of Year!


Really good game. Slow start, but kickass second period. Eric Staal I hate you. Alex Semin I LOVE you. Because I wasn’t here much over the summer, I couldn’t comment on how incredibly stupid some former Caps were for trash talking Sasha. Who does that? He obviously does care. He scored the first goal of the season, and a pretty one too, he’s doing interviews in English, he’s punching people… He’s awesome. I love you Sasha. I don’t care what people say, I know you’re awesome. Eric Staal, I hate you.

Nice goal by Chimmer too. And Laich, nice crashing the net. I like that. And of course, game over Green (: And let’s talk about Nicklas Backstrom! Two assists, great puck handling, incredibly good looking, nice hair cut, AND he’s hitting people?! Did you SEE that little hit he had? No one messes with my Larsie (:

Speaking of Swedes, I can’t believe the little one got scratched. Hopefully he’s inspired and comes back and plays well. I’d like him for the second line, and then move Matty P, who I’m beyond thrilled made the team, down to the fourth. First and third lines kicked ass tonight. Especially that third. Real nitty gritty stuff.

Troy Brouwer is such a beaut. He adds to the sexiness of the team, most definitely. Ward’s pretty good too. Got his 100th point, good for him. Hammer is awesome, and Halpern…I think he did something but I can’t remember. I’m excited to see Vokoun take on the Lightning Monday. Should be good.

All in all it was a decent game. We even got a powerplay goal. But our PK kind of sucked. And we need someone on that left side of the net because that’s where the Canes kept scoring and little Neuvy Cat couldn’t get over that fast. Eric Staal, I hate you. (See a trend?)

I’m playing Fantasy Hockey this year, if you care. Ilya Bryzgalov is on my team, and he’s been awesome, so I like that. Sasha’s also on my team…and Datsyuk. And some other people. Chicago’s beating Dallas at the moment! AND NASHVILLE IS WINNING YAYAYAY GOOD GET ME FANTASY POINTS RICK NASH!

But anyways, no picture or link today. I have to start looking for stuff to do that. If you read this, I love you. I’m so glad hockey’s back. I missed sharing my thoughts on stuff. See you soon!

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October 2nd, Mark Your Calendars.

THE HAWKS ARE COMING BACK TO WASHINGTON FOR A PRESEASON GAME! I’m quite excited, if you couldn’t tell. I mean, I don’t know when tickets go on sale or how much they’ll even be, but I’m still psyched. They better go to Kettler so I can have a part two of seeing/meeting/touching/hearing Jonathan Bryan Toews. That would make my life. Of course, I still have to meet my favorite Swede Lars Backstrom. That’s my top priority for the season, and perhaps meeting Braden if he’s around. But to see Jonathan again would just kill me.

So, approximately three weeks until development camp at Kettler! I wonder who will attend besides our draftee and Mattias. He shall now be dubbed Mattie, which means I need a new name for Matty P. I’ll think of something eventually.

So, there’s been more talk to Varly leaving/staying. I have no idea what’s going on with him these days. And I have no idea what’s happening with other guys on our team, like Brooksy. On July 1st, things will start going down.

I suppose that’s all I have for now. Nothing too exciting going on, no pictures to share. Sorry if I bore you. Thursday you can definitely expect an interesting post since it’ll be the day after the awards. Yay awards! I believe Mike and Hendy are up for awards…maybe even Tazer. I forgot. We shall wait and see. Be good, WordPress.

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I’m Pretty Pissed Off Today.

And not because the Capitals lost. Well, that made me mad too. But I’ll talk about that in a minute. Excuse my language for the next paragraph.

What really, really pisses me off is how these so-called “fans” can sit there and talk shit about this team. Like seriously, shut the fuck up. Trading our whole damn team doesn’t do anything. People say, “trade Ovi, Backstrom, Semin and Green.” Well then who do we have? Do you really think that we’re going to get someone like the Sedin brothers, or Datsyuk? No. Those teams wouldn’t give up players like that…that’d be stupid. Just how it’d be stupid to give up our four best players. Maybe we need to change some things. No, we definitely need to change some things, but just getting rid of our best guys doesn’t do shit.

Okay. I’m done ranting for now.

The series was disappointing. But I think it was always really close. Except for last night. Well, we only lost by 2. I had a shred of hope when Carlson scored that goal. But it was short-lived. It’s over.

We’re not the only team going through this. San Jose is beating Detroit 3-0, and Boston is beating Philly 3-0. Wouldn’t it be amazing if Philly came back to win the series like they did last year? I hope they don’t though. Boston better win, and then they better absolutely dismantle the Lightning. And then the Sharks can win the cup. That’s what I’d like to happen.

So, we have a lot of free agents up for grabs this year, and I’m sure we can’t keep them all. People like Jason Arnott, Marco Sturm, Brooks Laich, Matt Bradley, Boyd Gordon, Scott Hannan, Karl Alzner, and Semyon Varlamov. Now, I’ve heard from sources that Hannan, Arnott and Alzner really would like to stay with Washington. Brooksy just wants a hockey team to sign him, and Varly wants to stay here, however everything is riding on the KHL offer for him. Personally, I really would like Arnott, Brooks, Hannan, and Alzner to stay. Brads and Gordo…I’d be okay if they stayed, and I’d be okay if they didn’t. I don’t feel like Sturm did a whole hell of a lot, so I suppose he can go. And as for Varly, I just want whatever is best for him. Because if he stays, I’ll be happy, but if he goes, that means Braden Holtby is our second goalie, and we all know how much I adore that kid. (: But no matter what, I’ll be sad to see some of these guys go. I really will.

The Washington Capital’s hockey season is over, but that doesn’t mean I’m done blogging (: We still have the rest of the playoffs, the Worlds (which Ovi is going to play for in Russia), the NHL Awards, and the Draft. And after that, I’ll find things to talk about. I promise (:

So, that’s it for today? Yeah. I guess it is. I apologise if I offended anyone with my statements in the beginning, but that does make me upset. Fans should support and love their team no matter what happens, or how many heart breaks they go through. That’s my preaching for the day. I’ll be back with a happier, nicer post perhaps tomorrow or this weekend. Adios!

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I Gotta Feeling.

Tonight’s gonna be a good night. Why? It is. Intuition. There were too many positive signs today that lead me to believe the Capitals are going to…well…I don’t feel like saying.

Also, today in class we talked a lot about Swedes. There’s another thing that makes me think of tonight…just sayin’.

I still believe in my team. I have hope. After tonight, it’ll all be okay, or I’m going to be a little on edge for tomorrow. I don’t want to be sad. Oh btw, it was Jason Chimera’s birthday yesterday. Just as a little fun fact!

In other news, the San Jose Sharks are awesome. If for some reason my team can’t make it that far, I’ve got San Jose winning the cup.

Boston won in overtime. Good for them. I want them to beat Philly…I think. I hate the Flyers. The Bruins don’t really bother me, but Tim Thomas gives me the heebeegeebee’s. Don’t judge my spelling. The Nucks also play the Preds tonight. Pekka Rinne is the man. He made this awesome save the other night, I was speechless. Okay, not really, but, yeah.

I don’t even know what to say today! Well, here’s a picture of some Swedes, and I suppose we’ll call it a day. Don’t lose hope Capitals fans. History will be ours. 🙂 I love these two so much ❤

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Happy Birthday Jonathan Toews <3

Okay. So it’s going to say on this post that I posted it on the 30th, but I’m actually posting this on the 29th. Just wanted to clarify that. I know when his birthday is. I just have no idea how to make the date be in east coast time. Because it’s apparently 2:10 a.m. I have no idea where that would even be. Iceland? Yep. Iceland.

But anywhom, it’s the end of Tazer’s 23rd birthday (: A lot of my favorite people turned 23 this year. Both the Caps goalies, I think Mathieu Perreault, and some other people. Although I like all previously listed, Jonathan Toews is definitely my favorite person who turned 23 this year. If that makes sense. I hope you have/had a great birthday Jonathan! Don’t overdo it. I’m sure Kaner will cover that for ya (;

So, the Canucks won game one. I have a feeling they’re going to win that series, although I don’t like them. Especially those Sedin twins. I read that one said that the Hawks had no business trying to win their series, since “we (Vancouver) played better 5 of the games.” Uhm. Hello, you person that gives Swedes a bad name, if you were so awesome, how come you couldn’t win it in four? That’s right. Shut up. I hate them so much. Corey Perry better win MVP.

I hope San Jose wins tonight. I like them. I hate Detroit. Go Sharks! Go Juicy! (:

Washington made me so angry tonight. Because they were playing really well the first oh, 35 minutes. And then they just started sucking. And they couldn’t help Neuvy. And it sucked. I can’t even talk about it right now. All I know is that they better turn their shit around next game, and John Carlson better be alright, because we need him.

But yeah. More Jonathan now. I need to smile. I’ll probably go stare at the picture of him and I and smile after I post this. I hate going to bed upset. I like falling asleep with a smile on my face. So, enjoy a mini Tazer spam. (:

(: (: (: Those eyebrows. That face. It turns any frown upside down. ❤ He looks really good in blue as well.

<img class="aligncenter size-medium wp-image-345" title="Jonathan Toews

Okay. I think that’s it for now. I’m feeling much better. You should see the smile on my face (: Goodnight, all! Wish the Sharks good luck!

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It’s Varly’s Birthday!

Awww Varly, my unibrowed Russian goaltender ❤ Happy Birthday kiddo! I can’t believe you’re younger than Neuvy. Michal has a little kid face. He looks like he’s 12. Little Neuvykid (: But this isn’t about him, it’s about Semyon. Now, I know I’ve said in the past that I would be okay if he left for the KHL because then I could see Braden anytime I’d like to, however, I’d probably shed a tear or two if he left us. He’s a really good goalie when he’s in the zone and not getting injured. But whatever. Have fun today, little Russian! Don’t party too hard-y. (:

Speaking of Braden, he has returned! And he brought friends (: Andrew Gordon(when he gets better), Mathieu Perreault, Steve Pinizzotto, and Patrick McNeill! Yay! I haven’t seen Braden in a little over a month, and it’s been quite a while since I’ve seen my Matty P ❤ I hope they get to play at least once. If not, they better be at Kettler every single day there is practice. I neeeeed to meet them. Braden and Mathieu especially.

Now, time for something really sad. The Hawks unfortunately lost to the Canucks in overtime ): That means the season is over for them. ))): That means no more Jonathan Toews until the NHL Awards, and then September. ))))))): Sad, isn’t it? Just watch his interview. Broke my heart.  http://safe.tumblr.com/safe/video/4983404198/500 Here’s a link from Tumblr, but I’m sure if that doesn’t work it’s on the Blackhawk website. His eyes were glossy, couldn’t you tell? My poor little Jonathan. This interview reminds me so much of Alex last year when the Capitals were eliminated the first round by the Habs…except Tazer talks a little more than he did.

But, I have to stay positive. The Caps are still in it. And my Hershey boys are here. I believe this team is going far this year. I really do.

Tonight is Game 7 for the Pens/Bolts and Habs/Bruins. I want the Habs and Bolts to win, although I guess it doesn’t really matter that much. I just want the Caps to do well against whomever they play, and that’s that.

Well, I suppose that’s all for now. (: See ya WordPress!

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