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Short post because I felt like it. Nothing too fancy tonight, though. Next up will be Tazer Tuesday, I pinky promise.

So, my kick-ass captain Alex Ovechkin scored his 400th career goal Friday night! And tonight, although the game itself kinda sucked, he scored number 401, 30th of the season.  I don’t ever want to see anyone talking shit about my captain again, because he is the bees knees. The. Bees. Knees. Hidden amongst Ovi’s milestone on Friday was the fact that my favorite hockey player Mr. Nick Backstrom had 4 assists, and briefly took over the lead in the NHL.  Unfortunately stupid Sidney reclaimed that title, but whatever.  I believe in Nicky’s abilities.  Tonight was a royal suckfest, at least for our D and kinda sorta my baby love Braden Holtby.  A lot of Caps fans are hopping off the Holtby-train, but I’m still a fan.  I have faith in him.  I understand he’s not doing the best he can right now, but I don’t think he’s completely to blame.  I just hope he gets his groove back soon.

I’m currently watching 24/7 Leafs & Red Wings.  You should watch it.  I don’t really have any strong feelings towards or against these teams. I do love Pavel Datsyuk, he’s pretty freakin amazing.  There’s some cuties on these teams, I’m noticing.  Some hidden gems.  And Carlyle reminds me of Bruce Boudreau.  I don’t think I’ve mentioned this yet since returning, but Winter Classic 2015 is being hosted by the Caps, and I could not be more excited.  24/7 Caps & mystery hockey team?  Bring it.  You best believe I’ll be there, wherever there is, freaking out. -OMG PAVEL IS TALKING THIS IS RARE//PHANEUF(sp?) LOOKS LIKE BROOKS-

Okay. This is it. I’m tappin out. Enjoy your Saturday evening/Sunday, and see ya on Tazer Tuesday! (In the Leafs/Pens segment where a Leaf ties it, someone in the celebratory hug says, “Ya fuckin animal!” and omg there’s a penalty 4 on 4 and the ref says “Fuck both you guys!” Damn. Refs get intense. Okay that is all now JK THE CAPTAINS ARE TALKING AND DION SAYS “YOU HIT ME FROM BEHIND, SID” AND SID SAYS “NO I DIDN’T…I NEVER HIT ANYBODY OMG SIDNEY STOP I’M DYING. Okay, now I’m done)


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Some Things Never Change…

Sorry for the lack of posting. I’m sick yet again. Surprise surprise. And while normally when I’m sick I blog more often and find cute videos and such and make two posts a day, however this cold/flu/really shitty illness virus thing that my whole family has had and probably 3/4 of the school makes me quite tired and lazy, and I don’t really feel like doing much of anything. But I had a need to check my crappy fantasy hockey stats and whatnot so I thought I’d throw something together to please you hockey fans. And here we go…

Guess what guys? MIKE GREEN IS INJURED AGAIN. Really Mike. Really now. He worries me. Will he ever play a full season again? Are the Washington Capitals getting tired of all these shenanigans and having to call up younger players who don’t have as much NHL exposure, and seeking to dispose of him? I hope not, and then again I do. He’s a good player when he’s well, however, he’s been injured in some way or another for far too long. I don’t really know what the organization is going to do about that. For some reason, though, the Capitals have called up Tomas Kundratek from Hershey, who was acquired in the offseason I believe. He shoots right like Mike, and is a little bit of an offensive defenseman. I’m curious as to why he was called up and not someone like…Patrick McNeill? He’s a young guy that’s doing pretty swell this season. But whatever it’s not up to me…and besides, Tomas Kundratek is quite the looker.

Ahh-dorable (: He’s probably a smidge older looking than from when this was taken but whatever. He’s a cutie.

Speaking of cuties, Nicklas Backstrom didn’t play in either of the Caps last two games for precautionary reasons. I really hope he is okay and it’s nothing more than them being careful. Because we need him. Back-to-back 5-2 losses? No bueno.

I hate when I have good ideas of things to say in posts or clips and pictures to include in posts but then I forget. I feel like I had so much more to say.

Oh! The Penguins have lost five in a row and are our next opponent. And they lost even more guys. Well actually I think just one in Jordan Staal. The other day I heard James Neal had some problems or whatever but today I heard he played. Didn’t make much of a difference…they still lost. So they’re without Crosby, Letang, and Staal. Must be tough. They’ve still got Malkin though, and that’s something.

Also, it’s JCar’s birthday for another…39 or so minutes. From when I typed this of course. Happy 22nd Birthday, old man! He said on twitter he spent most of his birthday with his mommy and Mathieu Perreault. He and Perry seem to be best buds lately…moreso than with Alzner, or Beags. Must be the single life, since Beags is married (I can’t believe it either! He’s so young and so adorable) and Alzner is engaged. All of his buds are leaving him. It’s okay Carly. I’ll never leave you…….haha sike you’re my favorite Cap to pick on of course I’d leave you (:

And now, because I don’t know what else I have to say, I shall give you a mini picture spam and then drift off into a wonderful slumber…hopefully.

Braden Holtby has been tweeting a little more recently, which of course makes me happy. He tweeted this picture with “Sabu” And Olie when they were practicing for the Outdoor Classic, which they unfortunately lost. But Braden was pretty good! He was making amazing saves and such and I just miss him so much. The next time I go to practice, I should trip one of the goalies. Naw, I wouldn’t do that…I think…

Viktor Stalberg is a babe. End of story.

Like, really? This is such perfection I can’t even explain. Seriously is there some rulebook that says all Swedish-born hockey players have to be ridiculously attractive and make you raise your standards for real people? Because that’s what he’s doing to me. Him, and of course…

 Lars Nicklas Backstrom, who frustrates me with his beauty on a daily basis. Look at those fucking arms! He’s such a male model it’s…wow. Sigh.

And finally…

This is pretty self-explanatory.

Well kids, I’m off. My medicine is finally catching up to me. Hopefully the Caps can win tomorrow! Au revoir lovelies (:

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Hello friends. So, since I was here last, the Washington Capitals continue to be up and down. It seems like the only win against Canadian teams, no? At least these days they do. Sid the Kid is back on IR, everrrrrryone has a concussion, Cody Eakin is back in Hershey, Papa K is about to play his 1000th game tonight, little Swede is playing his 100th, Nick is 2 goals away from 100 career goals, Neuvy’s got a little swagger back, Chicago is doing awesome lately, Edmonton is doing quite the opposite, and yeah.

I feel like sharing pics today, though. Not in a talking mood. I feel like that ^^ summed it up pretty well and if I missed anything, well, I’m sure you guys already heard about it.

Tooooons of pics and gifs. Here we go.

Grrr. Tyler Bozak says, “click on me! You won’t regret it!” (:

So, I’m wondering when they’ll call up my Braden. I know he hasn’t been doing that great recently, but, I miss this face! And I’m deeply saddened by the fact that I had an opportunity to meet this lovely man and probably walked right by him in search of Jonathan Toews. Shame on me! Granted, that was a once in a lifetime thing, because really, when would I ever meet JToews again? Who knows! And daily I look at the picture on my dresser and do the happy dance because that was the best day ever. But enough about me…I MISS YOU BABY GOALIE.

So, HBO 24/7 has restarted, and I watched it even though I dislike these teams. But they’re honestly really funny. I love Bryz.  He’s so…thoughtful and different and I just want to adopt him. And Anisimov. And Callahan’s grandma.

Yesterday, the Washington Capitals and the Wizards and Mystics delivered presents to kids in the DC area. And someone was kind enough to take a picture walking behind Wardo, Carly, and Nicky, and post it on Tumblr, where I took it to share with you people. You’re welcome. (:

This is the best thing I’ve ever seen. Eaks is like, “Derp.” And Nick is like, “Ignore him. Ignore him. Ignore him.” And sexy Stecksy is in the background talking to Chimmers so this must be camp last summer. But still. Eakin’s face is priceless.

I give to you…hipster Eakin and a lion. Eaks looks cute with the hat and glasses! But any other time he’s just eh.

Guess what…we’re still not done! I’m so generous today!

 You must click on this. It’s a reason why Jordan Eberle and I are meant to be. And if you aren’t good at reading lips, he says, “I love to nap.” I LOVE TO NAP TOO! Napping is like, my favorite thing ever. Other than hockey, of course. But still. We’re soul mates. (:

Okaaay, one more I promise.

Mike Green and child. That kid looks so happy. I’d be happy too. By the by Michael, do you only own ONE sweater? I swear he was wearing that when I met him last season. With some glasses and loafers. Typical Mike.

Okay, so I was going to end it, buuuuuut I just realized there’s no Jonathan Toews in this little spam of randomness and that is not acceptable. So here you go. Jonathan Toews. (:

Aw, that’s better. I’ll never forget you again, Captain Serious (:

Well, that concludes today’s…random post of randomness. Hope you enjoyed it! Let’s go Caps tonight! And during intermission I’ll be running into my room to watch the Hawks/Pens game! Go Blackhawks! Yay!


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I Need A Little Cheering Up…

Hi guys…sorry I never posted about Thursday’s game, I was busy Friday and most of today up until now. The Caps didn’t look sucky, but they weren’t shooting or anything so that’s not really good. The hits were awesome though. And Sid didn’t get any points. And Chimmer’s goal was so nice. Goal of the century, I think. But we didn’t win. But I think we can turn it around, starting tonight. It’s Brooksy and Ovi’s 500th game, omg. They’re both going to score, I can tell.

Bruce had his first game with Anaheim yesterday and they lost in OT. But Cogs scored! And babyface Gordo! I hope BB and the Ducks do well. They all deserve it.

I’m sad. Why? Remember a few days ago I did a post about Alex’s girlfriend? And I wasn’t heartbroken? Well now I am. Because apparently Nicklas DOES have a girlfriend. So I’m sad and need cheering up. I think you’ll enjoy things I’ve selected for this cheering up. Videos videos and more videos. (:

Carly, Holts, Alzner, and Fehrsy

Click this link and it shall direct you to a CSN video from last year of the boys after practice goofing off. I especially like the beginning when they’re “curling” or whatever and Braden kind of sucks at it and they all laugh hysterically. John’s laugh is so dumb though. But it’s really funny. I think you’ll enjoy this (:

So, this is Ebs and Hallsy doing a tour of their crib and it’s adorable because it’s Ebs and Hallsy. Eberle has the cutest voice. And he has that gap but it adds character I think.  “Pretty sure you just walked into it.” “Just to clear that up we shower at the rink.” Oh Jordan. (:

And finally, my favorite non-Russian captain (:

Tazer funny moments…not by me. I apologize for the music at the end I could do without it. But mainly I loved his story, and his butt. (:

Well I’m slightly happier. I hope all you Backstrom adorers are as well. We’ll get through this together. Let’s go Caps!

Annnd because I feel like cheering for other people I shall say let’s go…Blackhawks, Maple Leafs, Hurricanes, Jets, Rangers (shocking I know), Predators, Coyotes, Islanders, Oilers, and Sharks!

Au revoir!

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Warning: Rants and Jonathan Toews Ahead.

Exactly what the title says…I’m going to rant for a quick moment and then turn my frown upside down with a little Toews spam/a few other people.

Okay. The Washington Capitals piss me off. I don’t know what’s up with our defense and our offense and our goaltending and coaching and why we can’t move our legs but we suck. THAT BEING SAID…I’m tired of fair-weather fans and people always blaming everything on Alex. Yes, I think he needs to be more responsible or more of a leader or have his C taken off his jersey, however, I’m not blaming every little loss or thing we do wrong on him. So he doesn’t score every night. You’re going to sit there and say because he didn’t contribute it’s his fault we lost tonight to Buffalo? Uhm, perhaps we were watching different games, or thinking of different people named Alexander Ovechkin. Because the Alex I’m talking about isn’t a defenseman. His main job on the ice isn’t to protect the goalie and the puck in our zone and stop the other team from scoring. Yes, maybe he should forecheck and help out, but he’s not a fucking defenseman. Stop blaming things like that on him, and look at Roman Hamrlik who is about as useful as me, who can’t ice skate and is afraid of getting hit by the puck so I’d be running the other direction. And our goalies need to stop letting in soft goals. And we need to move our feet, and get some fucking confidence, because feeling sorry for yourself doesn’t do shit. Things need to change. And fans need to stop being assholes. I’m frustrated too but for goodness sake I’m a fucking Capitals fan and yeah we can’t win every game and we may look pathetic sometimes but damnit I’m still a Caps fan and I stand by my team. But like I said before, things need to change. And that’s that.

Okay. Rant over! Who wants to see some Jonathan Toews?! I know I do…I need his lovely face in my life right now…

Hopefully this will make you smile, because it makes me smile. He’s so derpy, I love it. Derpathan. Your facial expressions are wonderful.

NOOOOooooo! Click it! Best gif ever!  (I say that everytime they don’t work, have you noticed?) It really is though, just because Patrick Kane’s face is funny. You must click it right nowwwww!

 Mmm. You know you like this one. He’s practically shirtless, minus the vest!

Damnit! Click this one too…he’s all seductive like (;

This concludes my Tazer spam. Now…

 Frolik being adorable! Those eyebrows are lovely.

Bruins (not moving) gif from the game yesterday against the Wings! Cliiiiiiick!

 And finally, my baby goalie boo! Who beat the baby Pens yesterday and had a wonderful celebration afterwards…which I looked for but couldn’t find a gif of and my search didn’t get too far anyway because it closed the page. Oops.

Anywhom, I hope you enjoyed the second part of my post…the first just had to be said. Until next time!

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To Be Honest, I’m Quite Confused.

Okay. Free Trade Frenzy Friday was yesterday, and some interesting things happened. But interesting things are STILL happening, to the point where I considered not posting today until I know what the hell is going on. I’m happy, confused, and pissed off, and really sad. Let’s take a moment and explore some things that have happened over the last two days, shall we?

First things first, the Washington Capitals. Days ago, they say they won’t be trading Varly. What do they do? Trade him to the Colorado Avalanche. That was something I didn’t see coming. Colorado needed a goalie, desperately. We were all under the impression that they’d get one in Vokoun. And then they sign Varlamov to a huuuge deal. Well, not huge, but it’s definitely more money than he made here. Even more money than Neuvy gets. I wish him the best of luck there, with my boys Matt Duchene, Paul Stastny, and future Av Gabriel Landeskog.

Boyd Gordon went to Phoenix. I have no problem with this, because having family there and knowing their team, I like the Yotes. Best of luck to him.

Marco went to Vancouver, and Matt Bradley, who I’m going to miss very much, went to the Panthers. Washington gained former Cap Jeff Halpern, Pred and post season hero Joel Ward, and Hab Roman Hamrlik. Also, from Colorado, we get a first and second round pick in the draft, which many say was quite a steal for Varly, who tends to get injured much.

Yesterday, GMGM and BB were interviewed, and said how they were happy with their two young goalies, Michal and Braden. I was happy, too. This was going to be his shot at the big time, and folks I follow on Twitter say that after talking to Holtby, he was excited for the opportunity. But what do we do? We sign Vokoun. Total shock, in my eyes. Everyone says it’s going to be good, but now we don’t have enough money for Karl and Troy. So we’ll have to trade someone. And everyone says it’s going to be Sasha. ): And that also means Braden will be in Hershey. I think it’s good that’ll he get another year of practice, but I just want him here. Maybe next year, I suppose. Plus, we always have those few games if when someone gets injured. I’ll wait to get my Holtby jersey another year, I guess.

NEWSFLASH AS OF TWO MINUTES AGO! The Anaheim Ducks signed Andrew Gordon )’: My heart breaks even more now than it did before.

The Florida Panthers have been extremely busy. They have Theo, Flash, Brads, Scottie Upshall who was unfortunately taken away from his best friend Sami Lepisto, and a whole bunch of other people who I’m not thinking of at the moment.

Brad Richards signed with the Rangers, surprise, surprise. But speaking of surprises, Jagr ended up in Philly! And so did Max Talbot! That shocked me. Penguins-Flyers games are going to be great this year, I’m predicting.

Well, I suppose I’ll post some pictures of those leaving us. :\ If there’s any other news, I’ll blog again, or update this one. If there’s anyone you’d like to know about, I’m sure there are full Free Trade lists online somewhere, perhaps NHL.com.

Babyface, I’ll miss you more than you’ll ever know. Let’s stay Facebook friends, okay?


It’s going to be so weird not saying “Hendricks-Gordon-Bradley” next year. Perhaps I’ll see you in Phoenix sometime, Boydo.

Definitely a fan favorite right here. Tell Jose and Flash we say hey, okay Brads?

I’m going to miss this guy and his unibrow. :\

And lastly, someone I hope doesn’t leave us…

Sasha Minor <\3 My first favorite Cap after coming here from NY. I don’t want you to leave us. How can they break you and Ovi up? Young Guns forever.

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Washington Capitals Picture Spam!

Hello there. ^^ See that title? I need one of these, before I absolutely lose it. Also, happy birthday to Mr. Brooks Laich, who is 28 today! Aw little Brooksy, getting so old. Perhaps he can get a contract for his birthday…or before July 1st so I don’t go off on GMGM for letting him go? But anyways, here we go.

D’aww. So sweet.

I miss this Swede so much I couldn’t even begin to explain. Come back Nicky. Right now.

Speaking of people who need to come back… 😛

My favorite bromance ever.

I feel like I only post pictures of Nicklas, Mike, or Braden. Not my fault they take great pictures. Look at those arms. I hope you stay in Washington long term, Holtby my dear. Or else, I’ll be needed a new license plate.

My Fab Four (: I can’t believe “Caps fans” want to trade these guys. Never, ever, ever. Because then I’ll just have to become fans of the team that they play for. Well, at least Nicklas. LNB19 forever <3. I sound like a middle schooler. I’ll stop now.

Speaking of following my favorite hockey players forever, let’s talk about Philly. I can’t believe they traded Richards! To keep Bryzgalov! He wasn’t thaaaat great in Phoenix. But man, they’re making major changes to that Flyers team. The Flyers are getting Brayden Schenn though. Cutie alert!

I know the Awards were yesterday. Or according to my stupid date thing on WordPress, two days ago. I’ll do a post dedicated to that perhaps tomorrow pre-draft. And then I shall talk about that over the weekend. Specifically the new Capital.

I leave you tonight with a video that I found on Tumblr. I’ve seen gifs about it but haven’t actually seen it in months. I’m 100% telling the truth when I say it brought tears to my eyes. You couldn’t even imagine how much I miss my team.

The beat dat beat up video! I love Ovi saying, just before they show Nick, “Oh, beat dat beat up!” And then Nick being embarrassed. Tom Poti looks so awkward. ❤ This is how I like seeing my team…all smiles. Goodnight now (:


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