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R.I.P., Sasha Minor.

I have gathered you all here today so we can mourn the loss of our lovely Alex “Sasha” Semin. I just can’t believe he signed with Carolina. I totally didn’t see that one coming.

Sasha…I’m going to miss you. I doubt you’ll ever read this, unless you enjoy reading 18 year old girls’ hockey blogs in your spare time. For some reason I don’t think you do. But I just wanted to say this anyways. I know there were lots of Caps fans and just hockey fans in general who think you’re overrated and you don’t care and yadda yadda yadda, but I most definitely was not one of them. You were my first favorite Capital when I made the transition from Isles to Caps about five years ago. You have so much skill it’s incredible. It’s been such a pleasure watching you skate, snipe the puck past unsuspecting goalies, and do your famous curl and drag. And I’ll never forget that one time at Kettler you nonchalantly walked past me pretending to be on the phone. I got a nice picture of your foot going in the door. I wish you all of the best in Carolina. Thanks for not signing with Pittsburgh…I probably couldn’t handle that. I’m sure Ovi is glad you’re there so you guys can see each other more times than if you went outside our division. And last but not least, score a bajillion goals and be fucking awesome so all the douchey critics can feel like shit for ever talking your abilities down. You’re awesome and you will always hold a special place in my heart. ❤

Hello again people not named Alexander Semin. I really just had to write that…I don’t know why. It needed to be done. I’ve been sitting here all sad thinking about him leaving. We’re running out of Russians! Who is Ovi gonna talk to now…little Dima? Is he gonna try and steal Nicky backstrom (Hahah. See what I did there?) from Mike? And who is Sasha gonna talk to?!?!?! There are no Russians on the Canes! At least I don’t think… And there’s two Staal brothers! That’s going to be awkward, especially because Semin played the bongos on Marc a few years ago. I just have all of these feels. I’m going to miss that crazy Russian and all of his hooking penalties.

I found this video of some highlights of Alex and thought it was great. Just shows you how incredibly talented he is.

AND NOW WE CRY. SASHA IN ENGLISH. He’s so cute and stuff and I can’t. “I like play here.” ~Le me sobbing uncontrollably~ I LIKE YOU PLAY HERE TOO SASHA. Washington will always be your home. I’m going to miss you so much.

I can’t go on any longer. I’m off to find my Semin shersey, some chocolate, and some happier videos. Until next time.


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Happy (Belated) Birthday, Nicklas Backstrom!

Wow. It’s officially been over a year since I’ve had FTLOH. Thanks to all of you guys, new or old readers, for reading! I appreciate it very much! This post is probably going to be long and a little random, just fyi.

So yesterday was my favorite hockey players 24th birthday! Nicky! In the morning I went to Kettler, which was a short practice but good because I hadn’t gone in a few months. It was kind of empty because of the holiday today and people were probably on vacation and some in school so we got good seats. Wideman and Alzner were riding their sticks like broomsticks, it was funny. And Nicky broke his stick. Afterwards, I tried to find Nick so he could finallllllly sign my jersey and I could meet him and we could’ve taken a picture but get this…we were waiting for John Carlson on some level or whatever near the staircase, which the door was closed to, and Nick walked right down to his car and I didn’t even know it! Ahhh I’m mad. But it’s whatever I’ll get him eventually. So John finally signed my jersey and that was that.

Later on I went to the game! And I have to say that it was realllly good. Shouldn’t have gone to OT, but, we were able to win it so it’s all good. Lots of hitting, a GREAT PK in the second period, and it was soooo loud in VC. It was awesome, I was happy to be there. For warm-ups we stood down by the Caps along the glass and I was on the Jumbotron a time or two (: Anyways, I was glad to see Nick score, and Sasha too after being benched! And Alex was hitting and had some great chances, and the crowd really noticed too. We were all chanting Ovi! Ovi! It was great. Oh and little Dima Orlov got a point (‘: What else what else… I don’t know.

Pittsburgh lost yesterday, and Crosby didn’t get any points! Hah! He had a bunch of penalties though, the little crybaby. His game against NY was good because the goalie sucked, and it’s the Isles, but still everyone had to say how wonderful he was. No one said anything about his no point game yesterday, did they? Nope. Those fuckers.

While I’m angry, I must mention that I don’t understand how Lars Nicklas Backstrom isn’t in the top for forwards in NHL All Star voting. Are you fucking kidding me? He’s having a great year, and yet people like Jagr and Jordan Staal who don’t have as many points as him are above him? I wish it wasn’t such a damn popularity contest. Nick deserves to be in the All Star game this year. You guys should go vote for him, even if you’re a Hawks fan or something else. I’ve been voting for Mr. Toews and Jordan Eberle and other guys too, but always Nick. And usually Ovi.

I took some pictures at games and Kettler yesterday, so I’ll post those maybe tomorrow or something because I need to upload them. But I have random Nicky pictures and the best picture you’ll ever see, believe me. Ready?

Like, really? Why are you hiding from me? You’re so perfect and I’m just like ughhhh. So perfect.

 Ovi’s like wooooo and Nick’s like “Let me love you!” and this is why this photo is saved “let me love you” in my Nicky folder. (: If we ever met or chilled or something I’d totally have to delete that folder, just saying…

I was at this game! Twas cute.

 Please, Nicklas? Let me love you? Such a beautiful Swede.

Okay, so prepare for the greatest picture in the history of pictures….

So you might need to click on it to make it bigger but oh my fucking gosh, this picture is too much for me. I love my team, granted, only three people in this picture are still Caps. I love this though. Theo’s face? Win. Michael David Green and Lars Nicklas Backstrom? The best. I just about died when I found this. It’s perfect.

Well, I think that’s all for my randomness of the night. Tomorrow’s game is early so I have to go prepare. I’m off to buy stuff on the NHL store online! Until next time (:

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Hockey Pisses Me Off Sometimes.

So, I’m pissed. Very, very pissed. What the fuck is wrong with the Washington Capitals?! They didn’t win ONE road game, and they sucked. So much, that I think Sasha Semin might even be benched in tomorrow’s game. Our defense has sucked, our offense, and goaltending, and we’re taking stupid ass penalties. Our PK blows. I just don’t understand what is happening with the Caps. And Neuvy, I don’t think he’s been all that wonderful this year. Vokoun’s had some off games too. However until the last five minutes against Nashville? He was outstanding. So was Rinne, except he was awesome the whole game. I thought that game was pretty good too. Sasha though, he tries and then he doesn’t…he scores a goal and then he takes a penalty. He has more penalties than points, I believe. It’s outrageous. I think if he doesn’t get his act together he could be gone by the end of the year.

Another thing, which I think I’ve mentioned before, is the fact that if Ovi doesn’t start acting more like a leader they should take the C away from him. And take freaking Knuble off the damn 4th line! That hasn’t done much at all! And keep as Nick likes to call it, the Meats & Potato line, together! They were gelling really well. We have other things to work out though, things that are holding us back…like our slow as fuck defensemen. Hamrlik’s got to go. Maybe even Schultz too. He’s such a traffic cone. I’m so glad we called up Orlov, hopefully he’ll add depth. But what we need is Mike Green. I don’t think we’ve ever lost with him in the lineup. He’s so frail…first his foot then his groin? Goodness Mike, what are you made of, glass and paper?

Speaking of frail…guess who’s coming back tomorrow and will be playing for the first time at home…Crosby. Ugh. I’m so fucking tired of hearing about him and it hasn’t even started yet. It’ll all start tomorrow when he plays the Isles. He’ll probably score a fucking hat trick or something and they’ll be talking about how wonderful he is forever on NHL Network and Versus and everywhere else. Fuck you Crosby. I’m so tired of you.

In more sad news, the Bears lost (again), Chicago got their asses whooped by Edmonton (but at least I like Edmonton), the Panthers are in first place in our division, aaaaand my favorite football team (not the Redskins) sucks. Oh what a life.

But hey, Wednesday is Nicklas’s 24th birthday! And they play Winnipeg at home, and I’ll be attending! So perhaps a little revenge is in store? Perhaps a Nicky hat trick? Hopefully.

I’m too angry to post a picture or a video so we’ll save that for another day. See you soon.

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Hockey Night in Washington!

Hello friends. It’s Tuesday, and I don’t have to work, which means I can watch the Capitals play the Panthers! And perhaps see some fists thrown…? Return of Brads = Caps sticking up for Sasha? Or perhaps Sasha hat trick? Hopefully a Sasha hat trick, since he’s on my fantasy team. Goals are good. Speaking of my fantasy team, I’m in first place! Woohoo! Totally kicking the asses of my 40-something year old male relatives…aka my dad and uncle. And some friends of theirs. But still, I’m winning. Tis wonderful.

Soooo, the Caps are 4-0-0! Yay! Wins are wins, no matter how ugly. And I’ve got to say, we’ve definitely played some uuuugly games. And paging Alex Oveckin, come in Alex? Score more goals/get assists/stuff please.

I know they called up Sabourin because Neuvy has issues and Holtby is getting ice time in Hershey. I miss my Braden, but, I suppose if he wants to make it to the NHL he needs a full season of AHL-ness. If he ever makes it to being a Cap. I hope so. I’d cry if he left.

So, mi amor aka Nicklas scored his first goal the other day! He’s leading the team in points currently, which makes me happy. Except I think Ovi should step up, but whatever.

Speaking of Nick, look how damn cute he is! [[………really? I just posted a whole bunch of pictures and it didn’t work. Oh well. I’ll fix it later. 😦  ]]

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It’s The Greatest Time Of Year!


Really good game. Slow start, but kickass second period. Eric Staal I hate you. Alex Semin I LOVE you. Because I wasn’t here much over the summer, I couldn’t comment on how incredibly stupid some former Caps were for trash talking Sasha. Who does that? He obviously does care. He scored the first goal of the season, and a pretty one too, he’s doing interviews in English, he’s punching people… He’s awesome. I love you Sasha. I don’t care what people say, I know you’re awesome. Eric Staal, I hate you.

Nice goal by Chimmer too. And Laich, nice crashing the net. I like that. And of course, game over Green (: And let’s talk about Nicklas Backstrom! Two assists, great puck handling, incredibly good looking, nice hair cut, AND he’s hitting people?! Did you SEE that little hit he had? No one messes with my Larsie (:

Speaking of Swedes, I can’t believe the little one got scratched. Hopefully he’s inspired and comes back and plays well. I’d like him for the second line, and then move Matty P, who I’m beyond thrilled made the team, down to the fourth. First and third lines kicked ass tonight. Especially that third. Real nitty gritty stuff.

Troy Brouwer is such a beaut. He adds to the sexiness of the team, most definitely. Ward’s pretty good too. Got his 100th point, good for him. Hammer is awesome, and Halpern…I think he did something but I can’t remember. I’m excited to see Vokoun take on the Lightning Monday. Should be good.

All in all it was a decent game. We even got a powerplay goal. But our PK kind of sucked. And we need someone on that left side of the net because that’s where the Canes kept scoring and little Neuvy Cat couldn’t get over that fast. Eric Staal, I hate you. (See a trend?)

I’m playing Fantasy Hockey this year, if you care. Ilya Bryzgalov is on my team, and he’s been awesome, so I like that. Sasha’s also on my team…and Datsyuk. And some other people. Chicago’s beating Dallas at the moment! AND NASHVILLE IS WINNING YAYAYAY GOOD GET ME FANTASY POINTS RICK NASH!

But anyways, no picture or link today. I have to start looking for stuff to do that. If you read this, I love you. I’m so glad hockey’s back. I missed sharing my thoughts on stuff. See you soon!

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To Be Honest, I’m Quite Confused.

Okay. Free Trade Frenzy Friday was yesterday, and some interesting things happened. But interesting things are STILL happening, to the point where I considered not posting today until I know what the hell is going on. I’m happy, confused, and pissed off, and really sad. Let’s take a moment and explore some things that have happened over the last two days, shall we?

First things first, the Washington Capitals. Days ago, they say they won’t be trading Varly. What do they do? Trade him to the Colorado Avalanche. That was something I didn’t see coming. Colorado needed a goalie, desperately. We were all under the impression that they’d get one in Vokoun. And then they sign Varlamov to a huuuge deal. Well, not huge, but it’s definitely more money than he made here. Even more money than Neuvy gets. I wish him the best of luck there, with my boys Matt Duchene, Paul Stastny, and future Av Gabriel Landeskog.

Boyd Gordon went to Phoenix. I have no problem with this, because having family there and knowing their team, I like the Yotes. Best of luck to him.

Marco went to Vancouver, and Matt Bradley, who I’m going to miss very much, went to the Panthers. Washington gained former Cap Jeff Halpern, Pred and post season hero Joel Ward, and Hab Roman Hamrlik. Also, from Colorado, we get a first and second round pick in the draft, which many say was quite a steal for Varly, who tends to get injured much.

Yesterday, GMGM and BB were interviewed, and said how they were happy with their two young goalies, Michal and Braden. I was happy, too. This was going to be his shot at the big time, and folks I follow on Twitter say that after talking to Holtby, he was excited for the opportunity. But what do we do? We sign Vokoun. Total shock, in my eyes. Everyone says it’s going to be good, but now we don’t have enough money for Karl and Troy. So we’ll have to trade someone. And everyone says it’s going to be Sasha. ): And that also means Braden will be in Hershey. I think it’s good that’ll he get another year of practice, but I just want him here. Maybe next year, I suppose. Plus, we always have those few games if when someone gets injured. I’ll wait to get my Holtby jersey another year, I guess.

NEWSFLASH AS OF TWO MINUTES AGO! The Anaheim Ducks signed Andrew Gordon )’: My heart breaks even more now than it did before.

The Florida Panthers have been extremely busy. They have Theo, Flash, Brads, Scottie Upshall who was unfortunately taken away from his best friend Sami Lepisto, and a whole bunch of other people who I’m not thinking of at the moment.

Brad Richards signed with the Rangers, surprise, surprise. But speaking of surprises, Jagr ended up in Philly! And so did Max Talbot! That shocked me. Penguins-Flyers games are going to be great this year, I’m predicting.

Well, I suppose I’ll post some pictures of those leaving us. :\ If there’s any other news, I’ll blog again, or update this one. If there’s anyone you’d like to know about, I’m sure there are full Free Trade lists online somewhere, perhaps NHL.com.

Babyface, I’ll miss you more than you’ll ever know. Let’s stay Facebook friends, okay?


It’s going to be so weird not saying “Hendricks-Gordon-Bradley” next year. Perhaps I’ll see you in Phoenix sometime, Boydo.

Definitely a fan favorite right here. Tell Jose and Flash we say hey, okay Brads?

I’m going to miss this guy and his unibrow. :\

And lastly, someone I hope doesn’t leave us…

Sasha Minor <\3 My first favorite Cap after coming here from NY. I don’t want you to leave us. How can they break you and Ovi up? Young Guns forever.

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Washington Capitals Picture Spam!

Hello there. ^^ See that title? I need one of these, before I absolutely lose it. Also, happy birthday to Mr. Brooks Laich, who is 28 today! Aw little Brooksy, getting so old. Perhaps he can get a contract for his birthday…or before July 1st so I don’t go off on GMGM for letting him go? But anyways, here we go.

D’aww. So sweet.

I miss this Swede so much I couldn’t even begin to explain. Come back Nicky. Right now.

Speaking of people who need to come back… 😛

My favorite bromance ever.

I feel like I only post pictures of Nicklas, Mike, or Braden. Not my fault they take great pictures. Look at those arms. I hope you stay in Washington long term, Holtby my dear. Or else, I’ll be needed a new license plate.

My Fab Four (: I can’t believe “Caps fans” want to trade these guys. Never, ever, ever. Because then I’ll just have to become fans of the team that they play for. Well, at least Nicklas. LNB19 forever <3. I sound like a middle schooler. I’ll stop now.

Speaking of following my favorite hockey players forever, let’s talk about Philly. I can’t believe they traded Richards! To keep Bryzgalov! He wasn’t thaaaat great in Phoenix. But man, they’re making major changes to that Flyers team. The Flyers are getting Brayden Schenn though. Cutie alert!

I know the Awards were yesterday. Or according to my stupid date thing on WordPress, two days ago. I’ll do a post dedicated to that perhaps tomorrow pre-draft. And then I shall talk about that over the weekend. Specifically the new Capital.

I leave you tonight with a video that I found on Tumblr. I’ve seen gifs about it but haven’t actually seen it in months. I’m 100% telling the truth when I say it brought tears to my eyes. You couldn’t even imagine how much I miss my team.

The beat dat beat up video! I love Ovi saying, just before they show Nick, “Oh, beat dat beat up!” And then Nick being embarrassed. Tom Poti looks so awkward. ❤ This is how I like seeing my team…all smiles. Goodnight now (:


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