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Short post because I felt like it. Nothing too fancy tonight, though. Next up will be Tazer Tuesday, I pinky promise.

So, my kick-ass captain Alex Ovechkin scored his 400th career goal Friday night! And tonight, although the game itself kinda sucked, he scored number 401, 30th of the season.  I don’t ever want to see anyone talking shit about my captain again, because he is the bees knees. The. Bees. Knees. Hidden amongst Ovi’s milestone on Friday was the fact that my favorite hockey player Mr. Nick Backstrom had 4 assists, and briefly took over the lead in the NHL.  Unfortunately stupid Sidney reclaimed that title, but whatever.  I believe in Nicky’s abilities.  Tonight was a royal suckfest, at least for our D and kinda sorta my baby love Braden Holtby.  A lot of Caps fans are hopping off the Holtby-train, but I’m still a fan.  I have faith in him.  I understand he’s not doing the best he can right now, but I don’t think he’s completely to blame.  I just hope he gets his groove back soon.

I’m currently watching 24/7 Leafs & Red Wings.  You should watch it.  I don’t really have any strong feelings towards or against these teams. I do love Pavel Datsyuk, he’s pretty freakin amazing.  There’s some cuties on these teams, I’m noticing.  Some hidden gems.  And Carlyle reminds me of Bruce Boudreau.  I don’t think I’ve mentioned this yet since returning, but Winter Classic 2015 is being hosted by the Caps, and I could not be more excited.  24/7 Caps & mystery hockey team?  Bring it.  You best believe I’ll be there, wherever there is, freaking out. -OMG PAVEL IS TALKING THIS IS RARE//PHANEUF(sp?) LOOKS LIKE BROOKS-

Okay. This is it. I’m tappin out. Enjoy your Saturday evening/Sunday, and see ya on Tazer Tuesday! (In the Leafs/Pens segment where a Leaf ties it, someone in the celebratory hug says, “Ya fuckin animal!” and omg there’s a penalty 4 on 4 and the ref says “Fuck both you guys!” Damn. Refs get intense. Okay that is all now JK THE CAPTAINS ARE TALKING AND DION SAYS “YOU HIT ME FROM BEHIND, SID” AND SID SAYS “NO I DIDN’T…I NEVER HIT ANYBODY OMG SIDNEY STOP I’M DYING. Okay, now I’m done)


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Adios 24/7 ):

The last episode of 24/7 was last night. It made me sad. But, it was a good episode nonetheless. Not my most favorite, but it was good.

I can’t believe HBO didn’t drum up the whole Crosby stopping his point streak thing! It was like, a two second segment. I was so disappointed. I loved watching the Caps practice in Maryland, with the paint stuff on. Especially Ovie. He’s such a dork!

I also liked Marc-Andre Fleury’s commentary when the Penguins were doing their shootout. And I felt bad for Jordan Staal, but, whatever. He’s pretty cute. Not going to lie. (:

Buuuuuuuuuuuuuut yeah. They should do a Caps/Pens reality series again sometime.

So, USA got bronze, Canada got silver, and Russia got gold in the WJC. I’m quite happy with those results. I’m sure Ovie was happy, too.

The Penguins destroyed the Lightning last night, which made me happy. Unfortunately, Crosby got an assist. But, that was all he got. I felt bad for Staal, though. In the beginning, they said he assisted on Malkin’s goal, and then they took it away. Poor Jordan. Tonight they play the Canadiens. …LET’S GO HABS! I hope Price shows the world why he should be the number one goalie instead of Fleury. Even though I hate Carey Price. But, there’s 3 Penguins too many in the All-Star fan balloting thing.

WELL. I’ll depart now. There’s nothing cool going on until Saturday. OH! EXCEPT THAT I GOT MY NICKLAS BACKSTROM POSTER! (: I’m going to hang it on my wall. It’s amazing!

Okay. I’m leaving. See you, probably Saturday. Or Sunday. Or whatever!

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Penguins, you’ve been Capitalized!

Winter Classic 2011. Heinz Field, in Pittsburgh. 40,000 Pens fans. 30,000 Caps fans. So much pro-Penguin media attention. And guess what.


Oh, goodness. I’m. So. Happy! That was an excellent game. The camera angles sucked. I mean, seriously camera people? This isn’t football. We can’t watch from outer space. 

But, the Capitals were awesome. That Malkin goal shouldn’t have happened. I don’t like “Geno”. I’m going to punch him in his big Russian face. He looks like a monster. Did you know Marc-Andre Fleury assisted on that goal? I think it’s cool when they give assists to goalies. I want a goalie to score a goal.

But, I’m happy for Eric Fehr. And I’m sad that Alex had to hug Fleury before shooting and scoring, and having the goal washed out. ):

But, we won!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I can’t believe those sore losers wouldn’t shake hands with the Caps. They’re jealous that we’re catching up in points. Did you, whoever you are, see Varly jumping up and down when they won? I loved that. MAN! I can’t wait for the next 24/7 episode. It’s like, a complete 180 for both teams. Caps now happy, Pens now sad. (:

Well, I hope you enjoyed the Winter Classic, because I did. Perhaps sometime soon the Capitals can host it, and I will have the pleasure of going.

Tuesday night. Capitals and Lightning. Let’s do this, Caps!

OH! Before I go, I’d like to say how proud I am of the New York Islanders for beating the Detroit Red Wings the other day! They’re amazing me, lately. Keep up the good work, Isles!

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It’s Never Too Early For Ice Cream.

Today is a really good day. Why? Well, not only did the Capitals win yesterday, and Varly played pretty damn amazingly, but the Penguins lost to the Islanders in a shootout. The New York Islanders. And who scored a goal? My man, Josh Bailey. You go, Bails. I’m glad he’s back from the AHL. So, because they had to go into overtime, the Penguins still got a point. But guess who didn’t get any points? SIDNEY CROSBY!!! It’s about damn time. And to not get any points against the Islanders? That makes it even better. I’m soooo super psyched for Saturday. (:

24/7 was on tonight. I think it was the best episode yet. I loved the Matty P and Gordo hug! “First goal for Beags….GORDO! GORDO! GORDO!” And they were all like ooooooooooh. Loving it. I’m sad that they sent Andrew back to Hershey, but, he’ll be back. I know it. (:

 Bruce barely dropped F Bombs, but you know who did? Sid the Kid. I loved hearing his little whine fest. Especially when his voice cracked! It was sooooooo funny. Did you hear “Fuck you, Green?” after he got checked? Sometimes I think they all hate Green more than Ovie. 

 …And Alex, screaming at everyone, like the crazy Russian he is. And when Nick was trying to score in the shootout and Alex said, “Come on, baby.” Cuteeee! OH! Speaking of Nicklas, isn’t his house gorgeous! It’s so big! Bigger than Bylsma’s house, I think. I wish I could sing in Swedish. That, was adorable.

Then there was Bruce shopping at Tysons with his sons. I go there all the time! He’s really funny. Eric Fehr and his wife are so nice! She was really pretty.

Even the Penguins are pretty funny. I felt bad for Lovejoy…his face looked quite painful. Malkin was pretty funny, when he said “Girls will love.”  But I loved Brent Johnson and Marc-Andre Fleury in Christmas attire. And Mike Rupp and his kids on Christmas, talking about that kid on the Nerf box that looked like Sidney Crosby. That, was too funny.

Yeah. I think that’s all I have to say. OH! Well, I was watching the World Junior Hockey thing today, the Norway vs. Canada game…and my oh my, in the first 20 minutes, Canada scored 6 goals. I felt so bad for those little Norwegian goalies. Friday Canada plays Sweden. TOTALLY WATCHING IT! (:

Well, have a good few days, and I suppose I’ll return like, Sunday-ish. Don’t party too hard!

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Dear Tim Gleason, I’m Going To Break YOUR Nose…

…you big bully, you. Like, seriously dude? You’re taller and way heavier than Mathieu Perreault. There was no need for body slamming him, just because he’s an awesome young player and he scored a goal. Especially when he couldn’t see you. So, yeah. I’m going put on some high heels to be taller than you, and then I’ll jam my shoulder into your nose and make your visor break and see how you like it.

But other than that, the Capitals won (: And Alex scored, which made me extremely happy. It was quite unfortunate that he missed the empty net, and don’t even get me started on Nicklas Backstrom. He had quite the off game. But, the Islanders (who are making me quite happy recently, with these sudden wins) crushed Carey Price and the Habs tonight, so perhaps with the home advantage, he make something happen.

Another thing that made me happy, is that the Sens almost shut down the Penguins. They were doing really well there, and then of course I just went back to look with a few minutes to go on, and who scored? Of course it was him. Of course it was Sidney. I was so certain they were going to get shut out. But, no. So there you go, Sidney. 24 point streak. You need 26 more to match Gretzky. I don’t really see that happening.

I suppose that was it for now. I’ll leave you with a picture of Mathieu, and we can all hope his nose gets better so he can play against the Habs Tuesday, and more importantly, in the Winter Classic.

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Merry Christmas, world.

It’s Christmas!! What did I get? I got a Capitals Snuggie (which made me quite happy), and these little Caps Winter Classic bobbleheads…of Ovie, Sasha, and Nicklas. They’re on my dresser. (: That’s not all I got, but those were the hockey-related items this year. I’m hoping with all the money I got to buy a Neuvy t-shirt, especially after his amazing performance against the Penguins Tuesday, and a Hershey Bears sweatshirt.

The Pens game was crazzzzy. It was so close, exactly like a playoff game. Even in the post-game interviews, both Mike Green and Sidney Crosby said that it was like one, and those teams bring out the best in each other, even if they hate each other. Alex’s hit on Malkin was huge. Evgeni Malkin is a big dude. Also, I noticed Kris Letang and Sasha kept bugging each other. I was waiting for them to throw down. Another drum solo for Mr. Semin. The crowd was soooooo loud, too. And I loved how Malkin missed on his penalty shot, and in the shootout. And Sidney missed in the shootout. I don’t know what kind of shot that was…it sucked. But finally, Dupuis scored. Woo. Hoo. 😛 We’ll come back and win in the Classic and embarrass those Penguins. All I’m hoping now is that the Senators shut the Penguins down so Crosby can end his point streak. Because it’s making me angry.

Yeah. So I think that’s all I have to say. But. Merry Christmas, wherever you are, whoever you are. And Happy Holidays! (:

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HBO Series, Part Deux.

24/7 Road to the Winter Classic Episode Two just ended. I’m extremely tired, and I’ve been since 5 p.m., but I stayed awake to watch, SOLELY for the very end, when the Caps all crowded around each other on the ice and were hugging. I must say…

It was damn worth it. (: I really liked the episode, as I did last week. The Capitals smiled a little more this time. And, Mike Green, what in the world is up with that Orange scooter? Now I know if I see one in Arlington/Alexandria/D.C., it’s you. And, Knuble’s speech was quite inspirational. I think that’s what turned us around. I also enjoyed the dancing after the Ottawa game. Especially Brooksy’s dancing. Karl Alzner and John Carlson? Uhm yeah. They’re…they’re so weird. I loved Nick though. “I’m not dancing in front of you.” (:

I can’t wait for next week, when they show the Jersey game, and they show Andrew Gordon smooching MoJo. Because it’s probably the best thing I’ve ever seen in my life. Missed it? Or just want to watch again? Here…

I love that. So much. “That’s great stuff right there.” Indeed, it is great stuff. I’m so happy for Andrew. I really hope they keep him longer than the roster freeze time. Really, really, really!! (:

Well, I suppose that’s it for now. I’m super excited for tomorrow’s game. I wish I were going, but, I’m not. ):  However, February 6th, I believe. Sunday afternoon. 12:30. Pens at Verizon. I’d like to go. I don’t really have anything to say about them on 24/7. It wasn’t as funny as last weeks. Except, however, Craig Adams’ son? Too fucking cute!!!! That was the best part of the whole, Penguin thing. Hands down. (: Oh, and I still like Fleury the best. And Crosby still needs to shave that ugly moustache. And Kris Letang needs a major haircut. But other than that, it’s all good.

Go watch 24/7. It’s worth it!

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