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Tazer Tuesday #4.

TAAAAAAAAZER TUESDAY! YAY! I’m so excited for this one, and I’m sure a lot of you are too.  I have a couple videos and a few pictures, hopefully it all works, bear with me. Videos first? Videos first.

This is just a brief snippet from Canadian Tire of Jonathan talking and there’s some clips of him doing some things and taking pictures and it’s cute. He’s cute.

This beautiful video has more than just Toews, so I’m sorry, but I love it. I love Cabbie. I love Alex Ovechkin. I love that the joke that Cabbie is a Staal is still ongoing.  Ovi’s hair is so gray omg. JORDAN EBERLE IS ADORBS.  Ovi takes selfies omg and he like nuzzles into Cabbie I cannot with this man. Jonathan, what is that selfie face? Stop. Please stop.  All the selfies are too cute I love hockey players. I just babbled for a paragraph, you can skip that, unless you didn’t, than thanks for reading, but DEFINITELY WATCH THAT VID IT’S CUTE

Mkay I have some pics from a magazine he was in a few months ago, just three, and then I’m off to mingle with my fam because I think that’s what you’re supposed to do around the holidays I just want to look at picture of Jonathan but oh well.


So this is Splash magazine, I assume it’s from Chicago, and this beautiful captain graced the cover in March. He’s the cutest.


HE’S ALSO REALLY HOT UNBUTTONING HIS SHIRT IN THE SHOWER STALL (I typed Staal the first time and almost left it) DEAR JOHN (see what I did there?) I DIE



And in case that wasn’t enough for ya we got JT unbuttoning his shirt partially tucked in outside the shower. Send help.

Well that’s all I can do for ya today. Hope you enjoyed your Tazer Tuesday, Merry Christmas, and Happy Holidays!


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Tazer Tuesday #3.

Seems like I only post on Tuesdays these days. That will change soon, I promise.

Tazer Tuesday! Here we go.

Look how cute and awkward Jonathan was as a teenager. He looks the same, except sexier now. (;

He’s so dapper in a suit.

Cutest gif ever! Hope you got your Jonathan fix for the day. Until next time! (:

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Tazer Tuesday #2.

Hello friends. [[Okay, so I just did a whole long post, and all WordPress posts is “hello friends”?!?!? Ugh. This thing pisses me off sometimes.]] Sorry for the lack of posts, but there’s not much happening in the post season these days. Luckily, training starts in less than a month, and the season starts in two! Get excited. Here are a few Jonathan pics and/or gifs. (:

 Aww, Jonny and TJ Oshie. Buds forever.

He’s never coming in between these two though. Kaner and Tazer ❤

Kaner’s so dumb. I think that’s what I called this gif too. He makes me chuckle.

He’s not shirtless…but this is still pretty sexy. October 2nd, J Toews in DC. I must be there. And if I can’t, at least I’ll see this face on television. Woooo! This concludes Tazer Tuesday. See you around!

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