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Reasons Why I Love…the Chicago Blackhawks #2.

Hello, all. Sorry it’s been a while…I’ve been working like crazy over break! Luckily I was able to watch the Caps game tonight, which we won! Fehr scored on a tip in with under a minute to go in the third to give us the lead. My throat still hurts from screaming.  Also, Mike Green got his 200th career assist and 300th career point! Way to go Greenie! I’m glad to see he’s doing much better.  In other news, I could do without Erskine on our team.

BACK TO THE TOPIC! I was looking at my Caps Canine calendar (lol alliteration. I’m a nerd)., which reminded me of some Tumblr posts I saw of Jonathan Toews rolling around on a couch with a pitbull (I died), did some investigating, and found that the Hawks did a puppy calendar of their own. So without further ado, here’s a couple of my favorite pics from this adorable photoshoot. [[Edit: I just read that this is an all pitbull calendar with the Hawks, which benefits Bryan Bickell and his wife’s foundation that promotes pitbull awareness! Too cute! I’ll link the article at the end.


Aww, Benny is just too cute!


Now this right here is the key to my heart. Puppies and hockey players?!?! What more could a girl want!


That dog looks so happy to be chillin with Duncan Keith.

And now…my favorite… (:


This is the cutest freakin thing I’ve ever seen ever.  I’m quite the fan of shirtless Toews, but playful puppy wrestler Toews? He takes the cake.


I’ve said it 1000 times in this article and probably 100000 times overall on FTLOH, but I can’t help it… It’s just TOO CUTE (:

Well, that’s all for now! If you want to read the snippet from the USA Today article/see the pic of Bicks and his pup that I left out, here’s the link! >>  Also, the adorable Toews puppy pics are credited to the lovely blog,! I suggest you check it out, it’s a super cute blog! Hope you all enjoyed! Have a great night!


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Reasons Why I Love…the Capitals #7.

RWIL! Look at me posting all the segments with the abbreviations.  I’m on a roll.  Please watch this video from Monumental Network and enjoy the adorableness that is the Washington Capitals.

Bullets, anyone?

  • I hate Ovi’s mustache.
  • I love Ovi’s robot Christmas sweater.
  • Brooks is playing the drums and Greenie is playing guitar? Isn’t it normally the other way around? …JK I’m stupid Green isn’t even playing guitar that’s Troy…Green’s got that cowbell thing
  • Troy Brouwer is my fave.
  • Is that Volpatti playing guitar behind Wardo?
  • TW is looking cute like always.
  • Troy is just hitting the guitar…or is that a bass? IS HE SLAPPIN DA BASS?!?! Oh my gosh, I hope it’s a bass.
  • Erskine with the baby xylophone and Nick fist pumping with the tambourine…I can’t
  • I love the end where they show you what it actually sounded like…Ovi singing and la la la-ing is too cute

And that is that. Caps-Flyers tomorrow at 3…I would give an arm and a leg to be there, but I guess I’ll settle for the sports bar down the street from my school. Hope you enjoyed the video!

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Reasons Why I Love…Alexander Ovechkin #1.

I think this is one…if not oh well. So real quick, the Caps these days make me happy. I mean, sometimes they frustrate me, but then they make me happy again. Especially Vokoun. He’s been playing like five million bucks lately. Caps won tonight, Laich should’ve had the goal, Sasha cares, and little baby Russian got his first goal! His smile was so big! Now all I need is my little baby Czech to score a goal while he’s here and things will be wonderful. And I need Nicky to come back. OH AND WE’RE 3rd IN THE EAST 1st IN THE SOUTHEAST BITCHESSSSSS! I’m happy. Boston, pleasssse beat the Panthers tomorrow. Please. For me. Thanks. ❤

Okay. Enough about stuff. Now, my fucking flawless captain. Shall we?

FEAST YOUR EYES ON THIS BRILLIANCE! (If you could care less about this other guy rapping, Alex starts at 2:58 ish) It’s in Russian, yeah, but it’s still awesome! Look at his awkward dance moves! Listen to his funny Russian rap skills! This is perfect. Alexander Ovechkin, I love you with all of my being.

Welllll. That’s that! Once more I’m going to say how if you don’t have Twitter, make one and follow Nicklas Backstrom…which can be found at @backstrom19. And while you’re at it, follow his absolutely hysterical brother Kristoffer…@kbackstrom85 . And then follow their and Greenie’s Canadian friend who they tweet at and goes to Caps games a lot who is also funny Paul… @paul_dubs. And yeah!

OH BEFORE I GO! Look at this picture that I took off of Twitter of Sasha and Vokes. It’s cute. Enjoy, and au revoir!

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Reasons Why I Love…the Chicago Blackhawks #1.

Prepare yourselves…for the greatest video ever ever ever!

BLACKHAWKS SING-ALONG HOLIDAY ALBUM VIDEO. FROM BHTV! And if for some reason it doesn’t work…here is the link…


  • Bolly’s song doesn’t even make sense. I like his dance.
  • Sharpie can’t sing hahaha…but he’s cute! And his snapping was pretty in sync.
  • Whoever came up with these is so clever. My favorite hockey player is Duncan Keith totally sounds like “all I want for Christmas is my two front teeth.”
  • Seabs hat is…cool.
  • “It wouldn’t be the holidays without professional hockey players singing in perfect key!” …Cue Marian Hossa. Wearing a Santa hat with pigtails off the end. (:
  • Nick Leddy was singing waaaaay too fast. And he looks like a bug.
  • I love how John Scott is dancing and then stops to say his name.
  • Frolik reminds me of a cleaner-looking Ovechkin.
  • Patrick would. He’s never going to stop doing the Kaner shuffle now. AND WHAT’S WITH THE SPIN AND POINT THING? It’s so corny.
  • Lepisto, Lepisto, Lepisto!
  • “Deck Jamal and you’ll be sorry…Fa la la la laaaa la la la la!”
  • I LOVE JELLY. I love the little turn around head snap and the dance moves and the singing.
  • Tazer’s face. He was probably like, yeah right I’m not singing! It’d  be funny if he did though.
  • I wish this album were real. I’d totally buy it.

Well yeah. This is it for today. Hope you guys have an awesome Christmas and such and hopefully the Caps can win tonight!

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Reasons Why I Love…the Edmonton Oilers #1.

So, I said I’d do a post dedicated to a team that recently has captured my heart, and here it is! A few days late, but, better late than never.

…I had bullets but they got erased and I don’t feel like pulling up the video to watch and do bullets again, so I apologize.

The Caps won Friday, after an ugly start, and lost in overtime yesterday. They need to be better at playing a full game. We’ll definitely need to be calling up some Bears since Green and Hamrlik are day to day. Perhaps little Orlov? Not Collins. He wasn’t great last time.

Anywhom, I’m going to adjust my fantasy team. I haven’t won since the first game. That needs to change. Enjoy your Sunday!

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Reasons Why I Love…the Capitals #6.

Is it six? I’m not sure. But still, I love them. Especially after that performance yesterday! Everyone played well. Geekin’ Eakin got his first goal, thus continuing our streakin’, and don’t be freakin’ when you see us deke-in’ and sneakin’ up on your goalie letting pucks leakin’ into the net cause we’ll be shriekin’ on the weeken…d. I made that up on the fly. Impressed? (:  But seriously…I love the Capitals. Nicklas Backstrom continues to be perfect, getting goals and assists and being wonderful. Alex got some assists as well last night! And Brouwer with the goal, and Carly, and Halpern, and everything was just dandy. But, little Jeffrey Skinner wasn’t too happy…was he?


Well anyway, reasons why I love Washington other than the fact that they won and such…


It’s the iPod video. I love it. Everyone likes Nick’s taste in music…I wonder what he listens to besides U2 and The Sounds. But what I love the most is everyone talking about Alex’s Russian techno music. Too  funny. I looked up russian techno to see what it’s like…and well…here you go.

Yeah. Alex…I have no words. It sounds like Enrique Iglesias to me.

I’m going to listen to Russian music until I go to work. And hopefully leave work before the Caps/Isles game comes on. But it’s pretty unlikely. Oh well. GO CAPS!

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You Guys Crack Me Up.

Seriously…you do. I noticed that in the past week, the most searched topics that led you all to my blog were “so and so” shirtless. Jonathan Toews especially. Good lord, he’s popular…

  • Jonathan Toews Shirtless
  • Toews Shirtless
  • Jonathan Toews without a shirt on
  • Jonathan Toews sexy
  • Jonathan Toews smiling
  • Jonathan Toews gif

Too funny. And then we have other assorted players, such as Brooks Laich, Mike Green, Viktor Stalberg, Nicky Backstrom, Jordan Staal…yadda yadda yadda. Some of the searches scare me…like Nicklas Backstrom’s girlfriend?! As far as I know he doesn’t have one. I know his brother does because he’s on Twitter and tweets all day long and it doesn’t really make sense but it’s so funny.

SPEAKING OF TWITTER…BRADEN HOLTBY HAS A TWITTER! HOLTS170! I found this out while I was working, and started smiling like crazy. My life is almost complete. Now all I need is Nicky and then BAM. I can die happy.

Anywhom, Caps lost their first game. I didn’t watch it because I was tired and had to get up early, but I do know we got like a billion penalties which isn’t cool. But it’s whatever. We’ll kick some Canuck butt!

Shirtless hockey men? I’ll see what I can do… (:

He  looks so derpy! This is supposed to be a gif. ):

It’s not the whole…chest area…but he’s still hot, yes? Yes.

So, so yummy. Okay. Shirtless man numero uno is done…now…

Mike getting tattedd. Yummmmmy.

I Laich this. (; His arms are just…just so…mmmm.

Helllooooo Michael del Zotto…

Well I think that’s enough for the night. Hopefully that’ll hold you over for a while (: Goodnight all!

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