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Tazer Tuesday #4.

TAAAAAAAAZER TUESDAY! YAY! I’m so excited for this one, and I’m sure a lot of you are too.  I have a couple videos and a few pictures, hopefully it all works, bear with me. Videos first? Videos first.

This is just a brief snippet from Canadian Tire of Jonathan talking and there’s some clips of him doing some things and taking pictures and it’s cute. He’s cute.

This beautiful video has more than just Toews, so I’m sorry, but I love it. I love Cabbie. I love Alex Ovechkin. I love that the joke that Cabbie is a Staal is still ongoing.  Ovi’s hair is so gray omg. JORDAN EBERLE IS ADORBS.  Ovi takes selfies omg and he like nuzzles into Cabbie I cannot with this man. Jonathan, what is that selfie face? Stop. Please stop.  All the selfies are too cute I love hockey players. I just babbled for a paragraph, you can skip that, unless you didn’t, than thanks for reading, but DEFINITELY WATCH THAT VID IT’S CUTE

Mkay I have some pics from a magazine he was in a few months ago, just three, and then I’m off to mingle with my fam because I think that’s what you’re supposed to do around the holidays I just want to look at picture of Jonathan but oh well.


So this is Splash magazine, I assume it’s from Chicago, and this beautiful captain graced the cover in March. He’s the cutest.


HE’S ALSO REALLY HOT UNBUTTONING HIS SHIRT IN THE SHOWER STALL (I typed Staal the first time and almost left it) DEAR JOHN (see what I did there?) I DIE



And in case that wasn’t enough for ya we got JT unbuttoning his shirt partially tucked in outside the shower. Send help.

Well that’s all I can do for ya today. Hope you enjoyed your Tazer Tuesday, Merry Christmas, and Happy Holidays!


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Hello. I come in peace. With Jonathan Toews. YAY JONNY ❤ Now that the Olympics are over I have no one to fangirl over. So, Jonathan Toews it is? I’m sure you won’t mind…

This is old and I may or may not have posted it in the past but I saw it and it was quite beautiful so I had to. Yeah. The next few are new ones though…I am sure of it (;

HELLO, SEXUAL. Someone has been hitting the gym this offseason. And look at the hair. But now back to the guns. Hot damn Jonathan. I need to move on before I kill my computer with my drool…

*Sobs because of perfect Canadian man* He’s just so flkajakgkad. It’s really not fair. Oh by the by the lovely Chicago Blackhawks are playing IN DC this season. You know who will be there…me of course. College ain’t gonna stop me from seeing my boo thang (:

And finally a pic from the Hawks convention which was a week or two ago. I have to say I’m LOVING the long hair. Tazer rocks it. But then again he could be bald and I’d probably still think he’s hot. Right? Right.

Anyways, I just felt like sharing some of this beaut with you. The next post you can expect some Gabriel Landeskog. Oh yeah. Have a wonderful evening!

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I Have Something You’ll Be Interested In…

RANDOM FACTS ABOUT JONATHAN TOEWS! That I found off Tumblr and freaked over for various reasons so I figured you’d like to know some random…things about him because we all love him oh so much! And then perhaps a picture spam followed by a brief paragraph about the Caps or whatever. Yay Tazer facts lets begin!

  • His favorite food is seafood. ((which is my least favorite but perhaps I could change for him (; ))
  • His favorite dessert is cheesecake!
  • He drives a Mercedes CL63 AMG, which is a really nice car. I approve.
  • His favorite band is Our Lady Peace, which is a Canadian band. But I know from some Blackhawks magazine thing he also likes Kanye and Jay-Z and stuff.
  • His favorite movie is The Social Network.
  • Favorite TV show is Family Guy and Stewie is his favorite cartoon character.
  • He’s never been on vacation. WHAT! I don’t…how do you not…no vacation? We should fix that (;
  • After he signed his NHL contract he bought a truck.
  • He wishes he could surf. I wish he could too…damn, he’d be looking sexy surfing (:
  • Last song he bought was Mr. Rager by Kid Cudi. I laugh picturing Tazer listening to this. He’s probably cruising in his Mercedes bopping along. Like…he said the last concert he went to was Jay-Z and Kanye! I can’t see him there! I just can’t.
  • First thing he does when he wakes up is try to get out of bed. Haaaaa, I know the feeling.
  • Favorite cereal is Lucky Charms.
  • If he wasn’t in the NHL he’d play pro tennis or golf.
  • He wants to be a roadie for The Rolling Stones.
  • His dream red carpet date(s) are Minka Kelly and Taylor Cole. This made me happy because they’re both brunettes and I’m a brunette muahahahha that’s why he was checking me out at practice in March (: Minka Kelly is really pretty, but Taylor Cole? Meh. He could do better.
  • He plays COD on XBox the most.
  • James Franco would play him in a movie about his life. I totally agree…James Franco is a beauty.
  • He doesn’t have Facebook.
  • He used to like being a dinosaur for Halloween.
  • He likes Milky Way.
  • He sends 20-30 texts a day.
  • He wants to win the Rocket Richard.
  • He doesn’t like Dunkin Donuts or Starbucks.
  • The biggest TV he has is 52 inches.
  • He needs a new suit.
  • Before going to sleep he eats and watches TV.
  • Hahaha…the next one said… “Don’t mess with me when I’m…? Serious.” Bahahaha you’re always serious silly Jonathan (:
  • His favorite author is Dan Brown.
  • He has three pairs of sneakers.
  • No superstitions.
  • When he was 10 he had a crush on Posh Spice.
  • He can’t stand Kim Kardashian. JToews, you are perfect ❤
  • Best road town is LA.
  • For room service, he gets fruit and eggs, and ice cream for Kaner (:
  • He yells at his TV when there’s nothing good on. Bahahah wow. “Damnit TV! Why isn’t anything good on! What is this shit?!”
  • Favorite restaurant is Joe’s Seafood Steak and Stone Crab in Chicago. I don’t know if that’s one place or two but okay.
  • People say he looks like…”some dude from Glee…?” I’m currently trying to figure out which one it is. Maybe “Finn” (I don’t watch Glee so yeah)…? His name is Cory Monteith. Yeah he’s not as cute as Tazer, if that’s who people are talking about.

YAY (: Now you know more random facts about Jonathan Toews. I’m sure you are quite thankful for that. Okay…if my stupid computer doesn’t go stupid I’m going to find some pics and if not we shall do this another day.

IT WORKED. Feast your eyes on my husband (:

HIS BUTT IS SO LARGE AND STUFF. Like…damn are you trying to one-up Sidney on his “so humongous big” ass?


Oh hi, this is my husband and my child. You jellllllly?

And this is Tazer and…I think it said his cousin. But awwww it’s just…awww!

Mkay this is old, obviously, Adam is there. But Tazer in a suit! So cute!

Okay I’ll stop.

Sooo the Caps play Buffalo tonight which is kind of scary because we’ve sucked against them in the past but I have hope and perhaps Nick can score his 100th career goal tonight? Ya? Speaking of which Monday I’m going to practiceeeeeee! And I hope this time I’ll meet Nicky and all will be swell. And I can take pics with my new camera and then post them and they won’t be shitty and they’ll be closer than usual! Yay!

Alright, I’m off to watch the Caps. And then the Hawks are on at 8:30 but it’s not on TV so I’ll be looking for a stream online or just keep tabs on my Gamecenter thing. Au revoir!

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Hello friends. So, since I was here last, the Washington Capitals continue to be up and down. It seems like the only win against Canadian teams, no? At least these days they do. Sid the Kid is back on IR, everrrrrryone has a concussion, Cody Eakin is back in Hershey, Papa K is about to play his 1000th game tonight, little Swede is playing his 100th, Nick is 2 goals away from 100 career goals, Neuvy’s got a little swagger back, Chicago is doing awesome lately, Edmonton is doing quite the opposite, and yeah.

I feel like sharing pics today, though. Not in a talking mood. I feel like that ^^ summed it up pretty well and if I missed anything, well, I’m sure you guys already heard about it.

Tooooons of pics and gifs. Here we go.

Grrr. Tyler Bozak says, “click on me! You won’t regret it!” (:

So, I’m wondering when they’ll call up my Braden. I know he hasn’t been doing that great recently, but, I miss this face! And I’m deeply saddened by the fact that I had an opportunity to meet this lovely man and probably walked right by him in search of Jonathan Toews. Shame on me! Granted, that was a once in a lifetime thing, because really, when would I ever meet JToews again? Who knows! And daily I look at the picture on my dresser and do the happy dance because that was the best day ever. But enough about me…I MISS YOU BABY GOALIE.

So, HBO 24/7 has restarted, and I watched it even though I dislike these teams. But they’re honestly really funny. I love Bryz.  He’s so…thoughtful and different and I just want to adopt him. And Anisimov. And Callahan’s grandma.

Yesterday, the Washington Capitals and the Wizards and Mystics delivered presents to kids in the DC area. And someone was kind enough to take a picture walking behind Wardo, Carly, and Nicky, and post it on Tumblr, where I took it to share with you people. You’re welcome. (:

This is the best thing I’ve ever seen. Eaks is like, “Derp.” And Nick is like, “Ignore him. Ignore him. Ignore him.” And sexy Stecksy is in the background talking to Chimmers so this must be camp last summer. But still. Eakin’s face is priceless.

I give to you…hipster Eakin and a lion. Eaks looks cute with the hat and glasses! But any other time he’s just eh.

Guess what…we’re still not done! I’m so generous today!

 You must click on this. It’s a reason why Jordan Eberle and I are meant to be. And if you aren’t good at reading lips, he says, “I love to nap.” I LOVE TO NAP TOO! Napping is like, my favorite thing ever. Other than hockey, of course. But still. We’re soul mates. (:

Okaaay, one more I promise.

Mike Green and child. That kid looks so happy. I’d be happy too. By the by Michael, do you only own ONE sweater? I swear he was wearing that when I met him last season. With some glasses and loafers. Typical Mike.

Okay, so I was going to end it, buuuuuut I just realized there’s no Jonathan Toews in this little spam of randomness and that is not acceptable. So here you go. Jonathan Toews. (:

Aw, that’s better. I’ll never forget you again, Captain Serious (:

Well, that concludes today’s…random post of randomness. Hope you enjoyed it! Let’s go Caps tonight! And during intermission I’ll be running into my room to watch the Hawks/Pens game! Go Blackhawks! Yay!


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Warning: Rants and Jonathan Toews Ahead.

Exactly what the title says…I’m going to rant for a quick moment and then turn my frown upside down with a little Toews spam/a few other people.

Okay. The Washington Capitals piss me off. I don’t know what’s up with our defense and our offense and our goaltending and coaching and why we can’t move our legs but we suck. THAT BEING SAID…I’m tired of fair-weather fans and people always blaming everything on Alex. Yes, I think he needs to be more responsible or more of a leader or have his C taken off his jersey, however, I’m not blaming every little loss or thing we do wrong on him. So he doesn’t score every night. You’re going to sit there and say because he didn’t contribute it’s his fault we lost tonight to Buffalo? Uhm, perhaps we were watching different games, or thinking of different people named Alexander Ovechkin. Because the Alex I’m talking about isn’t a defenseman. His main job on the ice isn’t to protect the goalie and the puck in our zone and stop the other team from scoring. Yes, maybe he should forecheck and help out, but he’s not a fucking defenseman. Stop blaming things like that on him, and look at Roman Hamrlik who is about as useful as me, who can’t ice skate and is afraid of getting hit by the puck so I’d be running the other direction. And our goalies need to stop letting in soft goals. And we need to move our feet, and get some fucking confidence, because feeling sorry for yourself doesn’t do shit. Things need to change. And fans need to stop being assholes. I’m frustrated too but for goodness sake I’m a fucking Capitals fan and yeah we can’t win every game and we may look pathetic sometimes but damnit I’m still a Caps fan and I stand by my team. But like I said before, things need to change. And that’s that.

Okay. Rant over! Who wants to see some Jonathan Toews?! I know I do…I need his lovely face in my life right now…

Hopefully this will make you smile, because it makes me smile. He’s so derpy, I love it. Derpathan. Your facial expressions are wonderful.

NOOOOooooo! Click it! Best gif ever!  (I say that everytime they don’t work, have you noticed?) It really is though, just because Patrick Kane’s face is funny. You must click it right nowwwww!

 Mmm. You know you like this one. He’s practically shirtless, minus the vest!

Damnit! Click this one too…he’s all seductive like (;

This concludes my Tazer spam. Now…

 Frolik being adorable! Those eyebrows are lovely.

Bruins (not moving) gif from the game yesterday against the Wings! Cliiiiiiick!

 And finally, my baby goalie boo! Who beat the baby Pens yesterday and had a wonderful celebration afterwards…which I looked for but couldn’t find a gif of and my search didn’t get too far anyway because it closed the page. Oops.

Anywhom, I hope you enjoyed the second part of my post…the first just had to be said. Until next time!

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You Guys Crack Me Up.

Seriously…you do. I noticed that in the past week, the most searched topics that led you all to my blog were “so and so” shirtless. Jonathan Toews especially. Good lord, he’s popular…

  • Jonathan Toews Shirtless
  • Toews Shirtless
  • Jonathan Toews without a shirt on
  • Jonathan Toews sexy
  • Jonathan Toews smiling
  • Jonathan Toews gif

Too funny. And then we have other assorted players, such as Brooks Laich, Mike Green, Viktor Stalberg, Nicky Backstrom, Jordan Staal…yadda yadda yadda. Some of the searches scare me…like Nicklas Backstrom’s girlfriend?! As far as I know he doesn’t have one. I know his brother does because he’s on Twitter and tweets all day long and it doesn’t really make sense but it’s so funny.

SPEAKING OF TWITTER…BRADEN HOLTBY HAS A TWITTER! HOLTS170! I found this out while I was working, and started smiling like crazy. My life is almost complete. Now all I need is Nicky and then BAM. I can die happy.

Anywhom, Caps lost their first game. I didn’t watch it because I was tired and had to get up early, but I do know we got like a billion penalties which isn’t cool. But it’s whatever. We’ll kick some Canuck butt!

Shirtless hockey men? I’ll see what I can do… (:

He  looks so derpy! This is supposed to be a gif. ):

It’s not the whole…chest area…but he’s still hot, yes? Yes.

So, so yummy. Okay. Shirtless man numero uno is done…now…

Mike getting tattedd. Yummmmmy.

I Laich this. (; His arms are just…just so…mmmm.

Helllooooo Michael del Zotto…

Well I think that’s enough for the night. Hopefully that’ll hold you over for a while (: Goodnight all!

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Tazer Tuesday #3.

Seems like I only post on Tuesdays these days. That will change soon, I promise.

Tazer Tuesday! Here we go.

Look how cute and awkward Jonathan was as a teenager. He looks the same, except sexier now. (;

He’s so dapper in a suit.

Cutest gif ever! Hope you got your Jonathan fix for the day. Until next time! (:

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