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Hockey Players Are Attractive…Tom Wilson.

Just because there’s no game until tomorrow…


HPAA HPAA HPAA!!! This was always one of my favorite segments of FTLOH (wow I’m all about the abbreviations today) and now, because yours truly is back, I am very happy to be bringing it back. And who isn’t a better guy to start out with than the lovely Tom Wilson?!

tom wilson


Look at this little beauty! I adore you, TW.



He’s actually the cutest. I’m so glad GMGM is obsessed with him so that he’s with the Caps all year, even if he’s on the fourth line and stuff.

Here’s a link to Tom getting pied in the face by Ovi after his first NHL goal! Ovi’s face actually kills me… Such as silly captain that one is.

Well, I guess that’s all for now. This is just a tidbit of the beauty that is Capitals rookie Tom Wilson. I highly recommend checking him out on twitter and/or instagram.  Definitely instagram. So yeah! Hope you enjoyed this.  I’ll start doing more in the future, and maybe look out for some Tazer Tuesdays again…? (: Have a wonderful evening, readers.







…Oh. You’re still here? *wipes drool off chin* Hah. My bad. Goodbye for real now!


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Broken Up Bromance.

…I know, I’m early. I couldn’t help myself. This is not about today’s game, it’s about something entirely different…the broken up, what used to be adorable bromance between Andrew Cogliano and Sam Gagner. </3 What brings this up? My love for Gags and Cogs, seperate (because they’re both attractive) and together. Also, I was thinking of Anaheim because although they finally won, Boudreau is their new coach! I’m happy for ya Brucey. However if we face off in the Stanley Cup Finals, you know I’m sticking with my Caps…even if babyface Gordo is there.

But yeah. Cogs and Gags. Shall we?

Even if you left Edmonton, a western conference team I adore, at least you’re in Anaheim, another western conference team I adore! With Bobby Ryan (who probably won’t be traded now that BB is there and they [hopefully] turn the team around), Getzlaf the cutest balding captain ever, babyface Andrew Gordon, my favorite kid in his sophomore season Cam Fowler, and everyone else.


Oh, Sam, you’re beautiful. Those eyes are just  ❤ I need to make a post in the future dedicated to beautiful hockey men with green eyes.

SHIRTLESS ALERT (; (; Two smiley faces because Gags is extra cute.


Sigh. I think the Ducks and Oilers should trade Gags and Cogs to the Capitals. And then we should get Tazer and Kaner, and Flower and Talbot, and Ebs and Hall, and Lepisto and Upshall and have allll the cute bromances on our team. Or they should have like an NHL Bromance game instead of an All Star Game. Or in addition to one. And there would be a red carpet and it’d be televised for my viewing pleasure (:

Okay. I needed to share this. Now I’m off to nap before the Caps kick the crap out of the Pens! I’m so psyched for this game and I’m not even going! Seeeee ya!

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Hockey Players Are Sooo Attractive…

Before the post…listen to me ramble. Or, just skip over the random nonsense and enjoy some beautiful hockey men (;

So, Saturday wasn’t that wonderful. The Vokeswagon looked…eh. Close those damn legs Tomas! Everything was going five-hole. And I mean, really? The Islanders? AND Rick was in net too! Why do they always fight so hard when we play them? They must know I’m watching and hope if they play well they’ll gain my love once more.

However I’m watching right now and they’re sucking. This looks like the Islander team I know. The Bruins are looking good. So good, in fact, I just added Lucic to my team and dropped John Carlson. I have decent defenseman and John hasn’t really done that much so I said the hell with him, I need more points. I’m second to last in my league ):

Anywhom. I don’t really have much to say, other than I’m shocked that we lost and yeah.

OH! NICKLAS BACKSTROM THIRD STAR OF THE WEEK! He continues to be wonderful…18 points now? And I think Greenie’s close to returning which is wonderful because we all miss him and his beautiful face. And aside from that…yeah. I think that’s all. Hopefully the Sharks win because I have a bunch of them on my team.

This has been a random and pointless rambling. Enjoy these delicious hockey players, starting with Tyler Seguin.

You can thank me later. (;

Okay…initiating Jordan Eberle post-spree…WHO IS ON TWITTER WTF WHY DIDN’T ANYONE TELL ME?!

Just look at him! He’s so…ugh! I mean, I don’t understand the nice shoes with the t-shirt, but whatever. He’s still beautiful. His arms… Sigh.

Be right back…moving to Edmonton. Damn you Jordan. Damn you. I think I’ve decided what shersey to get next… (:

Adorkable. That is all.

And what’s a HPAA post without a little Jonathan? (:

Okay. One more…

Have I ever expressed how much I like Max “Patches” Pacioretty? Yes no maybe so? Well I do. He’s just a beautiful person.

Okay. This concludes today’s HPAA. Au revoir wonderful readers!

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You Guys Crack Me Up.

Seriously…you do. I noticed that in the past week, the most searched topics that led you all to my blog were “so and so” shirtless. Jonathan Toews especially. Good lord, he’s popular…

  • Jonathan Toews Shirtless
  • Toews Shirtless
  • Jonathan Toews without a shirt on
  • Jonathan Toews sexy
  • Jonathan Toews smiling
  • Jonathan Toews gif

Too funny. And then we have other assorted players, such as Brooks Laich, Mike Green, Viktor Stalberg, Nicky Backstrom, Jordan Staal…yadda yadda yadda. Some of the searches scare me…like Nicklas Backstrom’s girlfriend?! As far as I know he doesn’t have one. I know his brother does because he’s on Twitter and tweets all day long and it doesn’t really make sense but it’s so funny.

SPEAKING OF TWITTER…BRADEN HOLTBY HAS A TWITTER! HOLTS170! I found this out while I was working, and started smiling like crazy. My life is almost complete. Now all I need is Nicky and then BAM. I can die happy.

Anywhom, Caps lost their first game. I didn’t watch it because I was tired and had to get up early, but I do know we got like a billion penalties which isn’t cool. But it’s whatever. We’ll kick some Canuck butt!

Shirtless hockey men? I’ll see what I can do… (:

He  looks so derpy! This is supposed to be a gif. ):

It’s not the whole…chest area…but he’s still hot, yes? Yes.

So, so yummy. Okay. Shirtless man numero uno is done…now…

Mike getting tattedd. Yummmmmy.

I Laich this. (; His arms are just…just so…mmmm.

Helllooooo Michael del Zotto…

Well I think that’s enough for the night. Hopefully that’ll hold you over for a while (: Goodnight all!

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Let’s Try This Again…

Hey folks! I’m back…with pictures muahaha (: By the by…CAPS 5-0 BABY! WHAT WHAAAAAAT! Vokoun got a shutout, and Sasha scored, and he and Brads hugged, and yadda yadda yadda. Good times. Tomorrow we play Philly and I’m nervous…and sad because I’ll miss the majority of the game due to work. ): Oh well. But yeah, good win by the Caps. AND THE BLACKHAWKS TOO! I’m currently repping JT19…got my Toews shersey in the mail today! Next on my shersey list I’ll probably get…I have no idea. Maybe Matt Duchene. I’m just jumping around with the order of teams here…don’t mind me.

Anyways…picturas! Here we go.

So over the weekend I believe, some Caps did a little modeling, including Nicklas my love! And Hendy, who cleans up nicely. But look at Nicky! Besides his hair, which is parted awkwardly, he’s a hottie! Right? Riiiiight? Right. (:

While on the topic of Nicklas Backstrom, I felt the need to share this picture from when they did that Six Flags thing that I oh so desperately wanted to go to however it was on a school night and ran late and Six Flags is in Maryland so I was kind of S.O.L on that one. But Nicky’s shirt…I have a shirt exactly like it. Except the sleeves are shorter and there’s some buttons on it…but it looks just like that. The colors…stripes…everything. We could be twins! And I happen to know where he got it as well because I am a frequent shopper of this store and recognize their products anywhere…AMERICAN FUCKING APPAREL! That store is my love. Forreal. I get allllll my hoodies from American Apparel. They’re the best. So warm and fuzzy and such. My shirt isn’t from there, but still, we’re twins. We could go shopping together. Okay. I’ll stop now.

Troy Brouwer and some little doggies! Soooo cute! He’s such a stud. Why are you married Troy? Whyyyyyy? ):

…John Carlson is so dumb. But so funny. But so dumb. (:

In other news…Mike Green is still sexy. (;

And last, but certainly not least, my western conference love.

Oh Jonathan. Why are you so lovely?

Wellll. That should satisfy your needs. I know I’ve been depriving you of Mr. Toews. That shall change, I promise. See you when I see you!

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IT’S GREENIE’S 26th BIRTHDAY! Mini picture/gif spam to follow, just after I comment on…things.

That. Game. AHHH! It was good, because we were scoring goals and such, but it was bad, because, VOKOUN WTF?! Now I know he was probably nervous and stuff, but, wow. I wasn’t thrilled. He may play tomorrow against Pittsburgh because I just read that Neuvy has a *drumroll* lower-body injury. Grrrreeeeaaat. He’s going to turn in to Varly :\ Maybe my boo will get called up. Who knows.

I don’t really feel like typing, so here’s the birthday boy!

I LOVE THIS ONE! It scares me how much I like Mike Green these days. Everytime he’s on my television I say “he’s so beautiful!” Well he is. So whatever.

Like, really? Can his arms get any nicer?

The pout! Kill me now he’s attractive. Okay. That’s all. ((You know you missed my attractive pictures and little responses…unless you’re new to this then I welcome you!))

I had something else to share, but I’ll save it for a later date. Until next time!


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Nothing But Backstrom.

YAY NICKY SPAM ❤ First I’d like to share examples of why he’s going to be great with our future children…

Feast your eyes on this. Total aw worthy picture right here.

Example numero dos. That’s a spitting image of our son. Blonde, with brown eyes.

So, so suave. You can be my secret service agent any day of the week. (;

I feel like I’ve shared this before, but oh well. I know you’re not complaining about seeing it again.

Okay. This concludes the Nicky spam for the day. Miss you Larsy! Come back soon (:

Speaking of people coming back, Ovi tweeted that he was back in the US the other day…specifically in Toronto. Need a map, Mr. Ovechkin? It’s okay though. They don’t pay you millions to know what country Toronto is located in…they pay you to play hockey. He apparently is back in the US afterall, at least for the 4th, because he was hanging out with John Carlson. Mike Green was hosting a golf tournament, which Karl Alzner and Nicky attended, among others, I’m sure. Troy has officially been signed as a Cap! Now all we need is Karl. I don’t know what changes will be made yet, however. I’m still hoping it’s not Sasha. Also, the Bears have gotten rid of a few of their players this off season. Andrew Gordon, Brian Willsie, Steve Pinnizotto. The moment I see “Mathieu Perreault has signed with *insert team that isn’t Washington*” I may lose it. At least Chris Bourque is coming back. Hopefully he won’t be so whiny this time.

I shall leave you with a picture of Varly, who is staying in the NHL, with his new jersey for his new team. Wish you the best Varls.

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