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Some Things Never Change…

Sorry for the lack of posting. I’m sick yet again. Surprise surprise. And while normally when I’m sick I blog more often and find cute videos and such and make two posts a day, however this cold/flu/really shitty illness virus thing that my whole family has had and probably 3/4 of the school makes me quite tired and lazy, and I don’t really feel like doing much of anything. But I had a need to check my crappy fantasy hockey stats and whatnot so I thought I’d throw something together to please you hockey fans. And here we go…

Guess what guys? MIKE GREEN IS INJURED AGAIN. Really Mike. Really now. He worries me. Will he ever play a full season again? Are the Washington Capitals getting tired of all these shenanigans and having to call up younger players who don’t have as much NHL exposure, and seeking to dispose of him? I hope not, and then again I do. He’s a good player when he’s well, however, he’s been injured in some way or another for far too long. I don’t really know what the organization is going to do about that. For some reason, though, the Capitals have called up Tomas Kundratek from Hershey, who was acquired in the offseason I believe. He shoots right like Mike, and is a little bit of an offensive defenseman. I’m curious as to why he was called up and not someone like…Patrick McNeill? He’s a young guy that’s doing pretty swell this season. But whatever it’s not up to me…and besides, Tomas Kundratek is quite the looker.

Ahh-dorable (: He’s probably a smidge older looking than from when this was taken but whatever. He’s a cutie.

Speaking of cuties, Nicklas Backstrom didn’t play in either of the Caps last two games for precautionary reasons. I really hope he is okay and it’s nothing more than them being careful. Because we need him. Back-to-back 5-2 losses? No bueno.

I hate when I have good ideas of things to say in posts or clips and pictures to include in posts but then I forget. I feel like I had so much more to say.

Oh! The Penguins have lost five in a row and are our next opponent. And they lost even more guys. Well actually I think just one in Jordan Staal. The other day I heard James Neal had some problems or whatever but today I heard he played. Didn’t make much of a difference…they still lost. So they’re without Crosby, Letang, and Staal. Must be tough. They’ve still got Malkin though, and that’s something.

Also, it’s JCar’s birthday for another…39 or so minutes. From when I typed this of course. Happy 22nd Birthday, old man! He said on twitter he spent most of his birthday with his mommy and Mathieu Perreault. He and Perry seem to be best buds lately…moreso than with Alzner, or Beags. Must be the single life, since Beags is married (I can’t believe it either! He’s so young and so adorable) and Alzner is engaged. All of his buds are leaving him. It’s okay Carly. I’ll never leave you…….haha sike you’re my favorite Cap to pick on of course I’d leave you (:

And now, because I don’t know what else I have to say, I shall give you a mini picture spam and then drift off into a wonderful slumber…hopefully.

Braden Holtby has been tweeting a little more recently, which of course makes me happy. He tweeted this picture with “Sabu” And Olie when they were practicing for the Outdoor Classic, which they unfortunately lost. But Braden was pretty good! He was making amazing saves and such and I just miss him so much. The next time I go to practice, I should trip one of the goalies. Naw, I wouldn’t do that…I think…

Viktor Stalberg is a babe. End of story.

Like, really? This is such perfection I can’t even explain. Seriously is there some rulebook that says all Swedish-born hockey players have to be ridiculously attractive and make you raise your standards for real people? Because that’s what he’s doing to me. Him, and of course…

 Lars Nicklas Backstrom, who frustrates me with his beauty on a daily basis. Look at those fucking arms! He’s such a male model it’s…wow. Sigh.

And finally…

This is pretty self-explanatory.

Well kids, I’m off. My medicine is finally catching up to me. Hopefully the Caps can win tomorrow! Au revoir lovelies (:


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Happy Birthday Flower!

I know, I can’t believe I’m making a post to Marc-Andre Fleury either, but we all know that despite my hatred for the Pittsburgh Penguins, I do have a soft spot for this French Canadian goaltender. Can you blame me? He’s adorable.

Grrr damn gifs! Click if you’d like to see. It’s cute.

His smile good lord! His face in general is just mmm. NOW PREPARE YOURSELF FOR THIS NEXT PICTURE…

Sigggggghhhhhh. This is beautiful. I wish he was standing and there was a fuller picture but hot damn Flower! You’re ripped! Me gusta (;

Okay. That’s all the MAF I have for today. We need to briefly discuss something important, and then I’ll conclude today’s post. (If any Penguins fans are on here now would be the time to leave because I’m talking Caps, unless you feel like reading then go for it.)

Bruce was fired this morning/afternoon. I’m shocked but in a way I saw this coming. I mean, we weren’t in a major slump, but we were playing like shit. And it’s been said that the guys, for whatever reason, weren’t responding to him as much anymore. It’s sad because he was a good coach and fastest in NHL history  to get to 2o0 wins and such, but, it wasn’t working out. He definitely turned the team around and we won the Southeast Division and the Presidents’ Trophy and blah blah blah but that’s not what we’re looking for. We want the Stanley Cup, and with Bruce we never got past the second round. Now we have Dale Hunter, a popular ex-Cap and former head coach of the Knights. He’s been pretty great there and has helped players get to the NHL, John Carlson, Patrick Kane, and Rick Nash to name a few. He’s a pretty tough dude also so he won’t take crap. I hope he’ll be good for this team. We’ll see tomorrow night. I hope Bruce gets to coach another NHL team though. Perhaps the Ducks…they seem to be in need of something, having lost 7 straight games.

Well, I suppose that’s all, unless something else big happens. I read that GMGM was looking into trades…I don’t know who or what specifically because you know with GMGM you never know what’s going on. We shall see. Have a wonderful Monday! (:

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Happy (Belated) Birthday, Nicklas Backstrom!

Wow. It’s officially been over a year since I’ve had FTLOH. Thanks to all of you guys, new or old readers, for reading! I appreciate it very much! This post is probably going to be long and a little random, just fyi.

So yesterday was my favorite hockey players 24th birthday! Nicky! In the morning I went to Kettler, which was a short practice but good because I hadn’t gone in a few months. It was kind of empty because of the holiday today and people were probably on vacation and some in school so we got good seats. Wideman and Alzner were riding their sticks like broomsticks, it was funny. And Nicky broke his stick. Afterwards, I tried to find Nick so he could finallllllly sign my jersey and I could meet him and we could’ve taken a picture but get this…we were waiting for John Carlson on some level or whatever near the staircase, which the door was closed to, and Nick walked right down to his car and I didn’t even know it! Ahhh I’m mad. But it’s whatever I’ll get him eventually. So John finally signed my jersey and that was that.

Later on I went to the game! And I have to say that it was realllly good. Shouldn’t have gone to OT, but, we were able to win it so it’s all good. Lots of hitting, a GREAT PK in the second period, and it was soooo loud in VC. It was awesome, I was happy to be there. For warm-ups we stood down by the Caps along the glass and I was on the Jumbotron a time or two (: Anyways, I was glad to see Nick score, and Sasha too after being benched! And Alex was hitting and had some great chances, and the crowd really noticed too. We were all chanting Ovi! Ovi! It was great. Oh and little Dima Orlov got a point (‘: What else what else… I don’t know.

Pittsburgh lost yesterday, and Crosby didn’t get any points! Hah! He had a bunch of penalties though, the little crybaby. His game against NY was good because the goalie sucked, and it’s the Isles, but still everyone had to say how wonderful he was. No one said anything about his no point game yesterday, did they? Nope. Those fuckers.

While I’m angry, I must mention that I don’t understand how Lars Nicklas Backstrom isn’t in the top for forwards in NHL All Star voting. Are you fucking kidding me? He’s having a great year, and yet people like Jagr and Jordan Staal who don’t have as many points as him are above him? I wish it wasn’t such a damn popularity contest. Nick deserves to be in the All Star game this year. You guys should go vote for him, even if you’re a Hawks fan or something else. I’ve been voting for Mr. Toews and Jordan Eberle and other guys too, but always Nick. And usually Ovi.

I took some pictures at games and Kettler yesterday, so I’ll post those maybe tomorrow or something because I need to upload them. But I have random Nicky pictures and the best picture you’ll ever see, believe me. Ready?

Like, really? Why are you hiding from me? You’re so perfect and I’m just like ughhhh. So perfect.

 Ovi’s like wooooo and Nick’s like “Let me love you!” and this is why this photo is saved “let me love you” in my Nicky folder. (: If we ever met or chilled or something I’d totally have to delete that folder, just saying…

I was at this game! Twas cute.

 Please, Nicklas? Let me love you? Such a beautiful Swede.

Okay, so prepare for the greatest picture in the history of pictures….

So you might need to click on it to make it bigger but oh my fucking gosh, this picture is too much for me. I love my team, granted, only three people in this picture are still Caps. I love this though. Theo’s face? Win. Michael David Green and Lars Nicklas Backstrom? The best. I just about died when I found this. It’s perfect.

Well, I think that’s all for my randomness of the night. Tomorrow’s game is early so I have to go prepare. I’m off to buy stuff on the NHL store online! Until next time (:

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IT’S GREENIE’S 26th BIRTHDAY! Mini picture/gif spam to follow, just after I comment on…things.

That. Game. AHHH! It was good, because we were scoring goals and such, but it was bad, because, VOKOUN WTF?! Now I know he was probably nervous and stuff, but, wow. I wasn’t thrilled. He may play tomorrow against Pittsburgh because I just read that Neuvy has a *drumroll* lower-body injury. Grrrreeeeaaat. He’s going to turn in to Varly :\ Maybe my boo will get called up. Who knows.

I don’t really feel like typing, so here’s the birthday boy!

I LOVE THIS ONE! It scares me how much I like Mike Green these days. Everytime he’s on my television I say “he’s so beautiful!” Well he is. So whatever.

Like, really? Can his arms get any nicer?

The pout! Kill me now he’s attractive. Okay. That’s all. ((You know you missed my attractive pictures and little responses…unless you’re new to this then I welcome you!))

I had something else to share, but I’ll save it for a later date. Until next time!


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Washington Capitals Picture Spam!

Hello there. ^^ See that title? I need one of these, before I absolutely lose it. Also, happy birthday to Mr. Brooks Laich, who is 28 today! Aw little Brooksy, getting so old. Perhaps he can get a contract for his birthday…or before July 1st so I don’t go off on GMGM for letting him go? But anyways, here we go.

D’aww. So sweet.

I miss this Swede so much I couldn’t even begin to explain. Come back Nicky. Right now.

Speaking of people who need to come back… 😛

My favorite bromance ever.

I feel like I only post pictures of Nicklas, Mike, or Braden. Not my fault they take great pictures. Look at those arms. I hope you stay in Washington long term, Holtby my dear. Or else, I’ll be needed a new license plate.

My Fab Four (: I can’t believe “Caps fans” want to trade these guys. Never, ever, ever. Because then I’ll just have to become fans of the team that they play for. Well, at least Nicklas. LNB19 forever <3. I sound like a middle schooler. I’ll stop now.

Speaking of following my favorite hockey players forever, let’s talk about Philly. I can’t believe they traded Richards! To keep Bryzgalov! He wasn’t thaaaat great in Phoenix. But man, they’re making major changes to that Flyers team. The Flyers are getting Brayden Schenn though. Cutie alert!

I know the Awards were yesterday. Or according to my stupid date thing on WordPress, two days ago. I’ll do a post dedicated to that perhaps tomorrow pre-draft. And then I shall talk about that over the weekend. Specifically the new Capital.

I leave you tonight with a video that I found on Tumblr. I’ve seen gifs about it but haven’t actually seen it in months. I’m 100% telling the truth when I say it brought tears to my eyes. You couldn’t even imagine how much I miss my team.

The beat dat beat up video! I love Ovi saying, just before they show Nick, “Oh, beat dat beat up!” And then Nick being embarrassed. Tom Poti looks so awkward. ❤ This is how I like seeing my team…all smiles. Goodnight now (:


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Happy Birthday Jonathan Toews <3

Okay. So it’s going to say on this post that I posted it on the 30th, but I’m actually posting this on the 29th. Just wanted to clarify that. I know when his birthday is. I just have no idea how to make the date be in east coast time. Because it’s apparently 2:10 a.m. I have no idea where that would even be. Iceland? Yep. Iceland.

But anywhom, it’s the end of Tazer’s 23rd birthday (: A lot of my favorite people turned 23 this year. Both the Caps goalies, I think Mathieu Perreault, and some other people. Although I like all previously listed, Jonathan Toews is definitely my favorite person who turned 23 this year. If that makes sense. I hope you have/had a great birthday Jonathan! Don’t overdo it. I’m sure Kaner will cover that for ya (;

So, the Canucks won game one. I have a feeling they’re going to win that series, although I don’t like them. Especially those Sedin twins. I read that one said that the Hawks had no business trying to win their series, since “we (Vancouver) played better 5 of the games.” Uhm. Hello, you person that gives Swedes a bad name, if you were so awesome, how come you couldn’t win it in four? That’s right. Shut up. I hate them so much. Corey Perry better win MVP.

I hope San Jose wins tonight. I like them. I hate Detroit. Go Sharks! Go Juicy! (:

Washington made me so angry tonight. Because they were playing really well the first oh, 35 minutes. And then they just started sucking. And they couldn’t help Neuvy. And it sucked. I can’t even talk about it right now. All I know is that they better turn their shit around next game, and John Carlson better be alright, because we need him.

But yeah. More Jonathan now. I need to smile. I’ll probably go stare at the picture of him and I and smile after I post this. I hate going to bed upset. I like falling asleep with a smile on my face. So, enjoy a mini Tazer spam. (:

(: (: (: Those eyebrows. That face. It turns any frown upside down. ❤ He looks really good in blue as well.

<img class="aligncenter size-medium wp-image-345" title="Jonathan Toews

Okay. I think that’s it for now. I’m feeling much better. You should see the smile on my face (: Goodnight, all! Wish the Sharks good luck!

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