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Nothing Special.

I wanted to do a post tonight of just me babbling, as if I don’t do that enough. Mainly because the game we just played is eating me up inside and I need to vent somewhere other than my Twitter…well, that, and I have 22 minutes to spare until American Horror Story is over so then I can watch the recording.

The Washington Capitals…they’ve been playing okay lately, I’d say. This was the first game since we played Tampa that I’ve been able to watch all of.  But I’d say we are, or at least tonight, playing a more complete hockey game. Tonight’s game was pretty awesome, actually, until the last minute or two of the third when they fucking scored and I raged. I’m still raging. I turned the TV off the second it was over because I was so angry. It just sucks that we make an effort and come up short. We couldn’t even get a point tonight, compared to the last two losses.

And lost in that shuffle is our strange goalie situation, where we haven’t really been playing Holtby, like, at all, and we are just now kinda starting to play Neuvy again although he was the losing goalie tonight, and Grubi is here and playing the bulk of the games. And while you can make the case that Grubi is our number one goaltender, we still have three guys up here. And Oates hasn’t even explicitly said that he’s the number one guy. All three of them practice, all three of them have had opportunities.  When Neuvy or Grubauer play, Holtby is the one backing them up. It’s strange. I don’t get it.

I’m still not the biggest fan of our defense, specifically Erskine. He’s the new Jeff Schultz, except he’s actually not afraid to rough the opposition up a little bit. Also my love Nicky B wasn’t the best tonight. Like he was definitely on ice for I think at least two of Pittsburgh’s goals, and probably if he did something a little different, could’ve maybe prevented them or something. I don’t know.

We’re in third now. I hope we can step our game up a little more, though I feel like our offense has been pretty solid. We just need better defense and more confident goaltending, and we’ll be good to go.  I’m glad this game wasn’t a total blow out like the last one we played against them this season.

Well, I successfully killed 11 minutes. Thanks for letting me give my spiel. ((Fun fact: did you know that “schpiel” is actually spelled spiel? This is actually more of a fun question, but, I had no idea! How does sp even make the sch sound? Huh…ya learn something new every day…)) Hope y’all have a great evening/Thursday.




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Insert Title Here…

Short post because I felt like it. Nothing too fancy tonight, though. Next up will be Tazer Tuesday, I pinky promise.

So, my kick-ass captain Alex Ovechkin scored his 400th career goal Friday night! And tonight, although the game itself kinda sucked, he scored number 401, 30th of the season.  I don’t ever want to see anyone talking shit about my captain again, because he is the bees knees. The. Bees. Knees. Hidden amongst Ovi’s milestone on Friday was the fact that my favorite hockey player Mr. Nick Backstrom had 4 assists, and briefly took over the lead in the NHL.  Unfortunately stupid Sidney reclaimed that title, but whatever.  I believe in Nicky’s abilities.  Tonight was a royal suckfest, at least for our D and kinda sorta my baby love Braden Holtby.  A lot of Caps fans are hopping off the Holtby-train, but I’m still a fan.  I have faith in him.  I understand he’s not doing the best he can right now, but I don’t think he’s completely to blame.  I just hope he gets his groove back soon.

I’m currently watching 24/7 Leafs & Red Wings.  You should watch it.  I don’t really have any strong feelings towards or against these teams. I do love Pavel Datsyuk, he’s pretty freakin amazing.  There’s some cuties on these teams, I’m noticing.  Some hidden gems.  And Carlyle reminds me of Bruce Boudreau.  I don’t think I’ve mentioned this yet since returning, but Winter Classic 2015 is being hosted by the Caps, and I could not be more excited.  24/7 Caps & mystery hockey team?  Bring it.  You best believe I’ll be there, wherever there is, freaking out. -OMG PAVEL IS TALKING THIS IS RARE//PHANEUF(sp?) LOOKS LIKE BROOKS-

Okay. This is it. I’m tappin out. Enjoy your Saturday evening/Sunday, and see ya on Tazer Tuesday! (In the Leafs/Pens segment where a Leaf ties it, someone in the celebratory hug says, “Ya fuckin animal!” and omg there’s a penalty 4 on 4 and the ref says “Fuck both you guys!” Damn. Refs get intense. Okay that is all now JK THE CAPTAINS ARE TALKING AND DION SAYS “YOU HIT ME FROM BEHIND, SID” AND SID SAYS “NO I DIDN’T…I NEVER HIT ANYBODY OMG SIDNEY STOP I’M DYING. Okay, now I’m done)

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Reasons Why I Love…the Capitals #7.

RWIL! Look at me posting all the segments with the abbreviations.  I’m on a roll.  Please watch this video from Monumental Network and enjoy the adorableness that is the Washington Capitals.

Bullets, anyone?

  • I hate Ovi’s mustache.
  • I love Ovi’s robot Christmas sweater.
  • Brooks is playing the drums and Greenie is playing guitar? Isn’t it normally the other way around? …JK I’m stupid Green isn’t even playing guitar that’s Troy…Green’s got that cowbell thing
  • Troy Brouwer is my fave.
  • Is that Volpatti playing guitar behind Wardo?
  • TW is looking cute like always.
  • Troy is just hitting the guitar…or is that a bass? IS HE SLAPPIN DA BASS?!?! Oh my gosh, I hope it’s a bass.
  • Erskine with the baby xylophone and Nick fist pumping with the tambourine…I can’t
  • I love the end where they show you what it actually sounded like…Ovi singing and la la la-ing is too cute

And that is that. Caps-Flyers tomorrow at 3…I would give an arm and a leg to be there, but I guess I’ll settle for the sports bar down the street from my school. Hope you enjoyed the video!

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Just Getting Up To Speed…

Do you ever misplace something you like, like a shirt or maybe your favorite pen? And you spend some time looking for it or thinking about it, until suddenly you get so consumed with everything else going on in your life that you just kind of forget about it? And then one random day out of the blue you remember it, and you spend a good amount of time trying to find it, and then you give up. But maybe a day later it just comes to you?

That was really long and probably unnecessary, but that’s basically what happened to me and this blog. And I apologize. I promised I would be better and post more roughly around this time last year and that just didn’t happen.  And it’s probably going to happen again, but I promise I will try really hard so that is not the case.  I’ve had the pleasure of having this blog for just over three years now, and I couldn’t help but noticing that the amount of views I get on my blog have doubled since last year when I did that post thanking all those who read this blog, because really I’m just a college student who has grown up loving this wonderful sport and I’m not even majoring in journalism or sports management, I just really like hockey and feel like sharing my opinions on the Caps or cute hockey players and didn’t really have any expectations for this.  So again, I’d like to thank you for taking your time and reading my blog, even if it is only for Jonathan Toews, because I’m sure about half of my traffic comes from Toews-related searches. Can’t blame ya, though (;

I’ll stop babbling and catch ya up on what’s going on, even though I’m sure you already know. It’s bullet time!

  • The Caps are doing okay. Not too spectacular, not too awful, but just okay.
  • Tom Wilson (<3) has been up with the Caps and will stay with the Caps for the whole season. And I read today that he was invited to a try out for Canada for the World Juniors, but GMGM said he’s just too valuable to the team that he couldn’t let him go. I don’t necessarily agree with him on that and believe he should’ve been able to go, but it’s whatever
  • I absolutely adore the little bromance Wilson, Nate Schmidt, and Michael Latta have going on! They’re such beauties, I can’t take it.
  • Also, Volpatti is quite attractive. Just sayin’.
  • Alexander Ovechkin is a boss. He’s just…ugh. I love him. He’s awesome sauce. So is Nick.
  • Mike Green sucks pass it on.  Not only because he hasn’t scored…I mean he’s a defensemen he doesn’t need to score, but he’s Mike Green and he normally scores and that’s weird…but like, he doesn’t do anything! He skates slow, he just, ugh. He’s frustrating.
  • People been talking shit about Braden Holtby, and I do not approve. I think he’s awesome.  He’s given up some goals that were eh, but, I think he’s pretty stellar.
  • That’s probably it for now.
  • OH OH OH! I MET NICKLAS BACKSTROM! I don’t think I posted about this last year, in fact I think I met him like a month after my last post, BUT IT IS A THING! And he was so nice! But I’m mad because I didn’t have my jersey with me so he has yet to sign it ): But still! It was a great day.  I actually have yet to go to Kettler or a game this season, unfortunately. Hopefully over winter break it’ll be a thing!

Well, I suppose this is all for now.  Again, thank you for everything, whether you’ve stuck with my craziness for the past three years, or if you’re just stopping by.  I promise not to be a stranger!

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Caps Practice Pictures…Finally!

Ello  world. Remember I said I’d share Caps pictures? Well today is the day. YAY.

It’s really cool how they didn’t even post. Sigh. Try this again…

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I Want My Nicky Back…strom.

Elloooo. Short boring post of ranting here, don’t mind me. So, the Caps lose 3-0 to the Isles, then win 3-0, then lose 3-0 again. Consistency would be cool, dontcha think? Tonight they looked sloppy. Too many turn-overs, bad passing, shitty power plays, and so on. It was sucky. Vokoun was awesome. It’s too bad they couldn’t help him. Speaking of awesome, the Neuvy cat was brilliant the other night against Montreal. And who was there…? Mr. Rene Bourque. And Hendy fought him…and lost. Yeah. It wasn’t a great fight but he got the point across! No one messes with Lars.

I miss that Swede.

So for now the Caps are still first in the SE. And hopefully will stay there at least for today, as long as Chicago continueskicking some Panther ass.

I felt like I had more to say but now I don’t remember. Next post will be more interesting I promise. And I still need to do a post with my practice pics. That’ll happen someday. Any whom, it’s snowing and I’m tired so goodnight.

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Reasons Why I Love…Alexander Ovechkin #1.

I think this is one…if not oh well. So real quick, the Caps these days make me happy. I mean, sometimes they frustrate me, but then they make me happy again. Especially Vokoun. He’s been playing like five million bucks lately. Caps won tonight, Laich should’ve had the goal, Sasha cares, and little baby Russian got his first goal! His smile was so big! Now all I need is my little baby Czech to score a goal while he’s here and things will be wonderful. And I need Nicky to come back. OH AND WE’RE 3rd IN THE EAST 1st IN THE SOUTHEAST BITCHESSSSSS! I’m happy. Boston, pleasssse beat the Panthers tomorrow. Please. For me. Thanks. ❤

Okay. Enough about stuff. Now, my fucking flawless captain. Shall we?

FEAST YOUR EYES ON THIS BRILLIANCE! (If you could care less about this other guy rapping, Alex starts at 2:58 ish) It’s in Russian, yeah, but it’s still awesome! Look at his awkward dance moves! Listen to his funny Russian rap skills! This is perfect. Alexander Ovechkin, I love you with all of my being.

Welllll. That’s that! Once more I’m going to say how if you don’t have Twitter, make one and follow Nicklas Backstrom…which can be found at @backstrom19. And while you’re at it, follow his absolutely hysterical brother Kristoffer…@kbackstrom85 . And then follow their and Greenie’s Canadian friend who they tweet at and goes to Caps games a lot who is also funny Paul… @paul_dubs. And yeah!

OH BEFORE I GO! Look at this picture that I took off of Twitter of Sasha and Vokes. It’s cute. Enjoy, and au revoir!

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