Bet You Never Thought You’d See Me Again…or not

BOO! Holy shit, I totally forgot about this thing. Honestly. Around the last time I was posting (almost three years ago wtf me) I apologized repeatedly for my absence due to college and having a life, something I didn’t have too much of when I started this blog. Then I just faded off into the world and FTLOH completely left my mind until a few minutes ago when I was perusing twitter and saw two of my favorite hockey twitter/media/whatever people (Russian Machine Never Breaks’s Ian Oland and Steve “Dangle” who has a great YouTube series reviewing every single Toronto Maple Leafs game) interacting.  And I thought wow, when blog/youtube/hockey worlds collide. And then I thought oh shit, I used to have a fucking blog. And somehow I remembered the password and here we are. I needed to post.

So hi! I sincerely doubt that anyone was religiously reading this blog though I do have a nice few followers (shoutout to you all if you’ll even see this it’s been 3 years I’m not sad if you don’t). I’m mostly surprised to find that I actually, even though I wasn’t posting, still had readers.  A few thousand. You go, hockey community. I also came back to a few nice comments, one on my “Hockey Players Aren’t Attractive” post saying that I’m an idiot/blind for thinking Malkin isn’t cute (I’m not an idiot he looks like Frankenstein but to each their own), and another on a post about my tried and true Chicago love Jonathan Toews, that he is an “ugly little punk ass” and “they’re all ugly” (idk who “they” is because my post was only about Tazer but I digress) and that I like “little boys with little sticks”. Rea, Mike, if you’re reading (you probably aren’t the comments were years old), thanks for my first hate mail. You guys rock.

So much has happened in almost three years. Skimming through some of my last posts is pretty nostalgic, since a lot of guys I talked about are no longer Capitals. And a bunch of other dudes are probably all over the place. Greenie is gone, Neuvy, Laich, Erskine, (fucking TJ Oshie is a Cap!!!), Brouwer, Volpatti, Ward, Chimmer, Fehr, literally everyone. Gone.

Holtby wasn’t doing the best when I was last here, and he won the Vezina last year.

Ovi last just had 400 goals, he’s closing on 1000 points.

There’s going to be a whole NEW HOCKEY TEAM.

Fucking Pittsburgh won the cup and Chicago has won it 100 times and oh man, so many things.

My life has changed too, if you care. Well, not a whole lot. 99% of my about is still true, minus the college thing. College grad now, thank you very much. And I don’t really care as much about Eberle as I used to (no offense Ebs).

But anyway I felt like posting, just for fun. Maybe I’ll hop back on the wagon, seeing as people still like to peruse the blog and I still love hockey. No promises, because we all know how well that went last time.

Thanks for stopping by.


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