Nothing Special.

I wanted to do a post tonight of just me babbling, as if I don’t do that enough. Mainly because the game we just played is eating me up inside and I need to vent somewhere other than my Twitter…well, that, and I have 22 minutes to spare until American Horror Story is over so then I can watch the recording.

The Washington Capitals…they’ve been playing okay lately, I’d say. This was the first game since we played Tampa that I’ve been able to watch all of.  But I’d say we are, or at least tonight, playing a more complete hockey game. Tonight’s game was pretty awesome, actually, until the last minute or two of the third when they fucking scored and I raged. I’m still raging. I turned the TV off the second it was over because I was so angry. It just sucks that we make an effort and come up short. We couldn’t even get a point tonight, compared to the last two losses.

And lost in that shuffle is our strange goalie situation, where we haven’t really been playing Holtby, like, at all, and we are just now kinda starting to play Neuvy again although he was the losing goalie tonight, and Grubi is here and playing the bulk of the games. And while you can make the case that Grubi is our number one goaltender, we still have three guys up here. And Oates hasn’t even explicitly said that he’s the number one guy. All three of them practice, all three of them have had opportunities.  When Neuvy or Grubauer play, Holtby is the one backing them up. It’s strange. I don’t get it.

I’m still not the biggest fan of our defense, specifically Erskine. He’s the new Jeff Schultz, except he’s actually not afraid to rough the opposition up a little bit. Also my love Nicky B wasn’t the best tonight. Like he was definitely on ice for I think at least two of Pittsburgh’s goals, and probably if he did something a little different, could’ve maybe prevented them or something. I don’t know.

We’re in third now. I hope we can step our game up a little more, though I feel like our offense has been pretty solid. We just need better defense and more confident goaltending, and we’ll be good to go.  I’m glad this game wasn’t a total blow out like the last one we played against them this season.

Well, I successfully killed 11 minutes. Thanks for letting me give my spiel. ((Fun fact: did you know that “schpiel” is actually spelled spiel? This is actually more of a fun question, but, I had no idea! How does sp even make the sch sound? Huh…ya learn something new every day…)) Hope y’all have a great evening/Thursday.




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