Just Getting Up To Speed…

Do you ever misplace something you like, like a shirt or maybe your favorite pen? And you spend some time looking for it or thinking about it, until suddenly you get so consumed with everything else going on in your life that you just kind of forget about it? And then one random day out of the blue you remember it, and you spend a good amount of time trying to find it, and then you give up. But maybe a day later it just comes to you?

That was really long and probably unnecessary, but that’s basically what happened to me and this blog. And I apologize. I promised I would be better and post more roughly around this time last year and that just didn’t happen.  And it’s probably going to happen again, but I promise I will try really hard so that is not the case.  I’ve had the pleasure of having this blog for just over three years now, and I couldn’t help but noticing that the amount of views I get on my blog have doubled since last year when I did that post thanking all those who read this blog, because really I’m just a college student who has grown up loving this wonderful sport and I’m not even majoring in journalism or sports management, I just really like hockey and feel like sharing my opinions on the Caps or cute hockey players and didn’t really have any expectations for this.  So again, I’d like to thank you for taking your time and reading my blog, even if it is only for Jonathan Toews, because I’m sure about half of my traffic comes from Toews-related searches. Can’t blame ya, though (;

I’ll stop babbling and catch ya up on what’s going on, even though I’m sure you already know. It’s bullet time!

  • The Caps are doing okay. Not too spectacular, not too awful, but just okay.
  • Tom Wilson (<3) has been up with the Caps and will stay with the Caps for the whole season. And I read today that he was invited to a try out for Canada for the World Juniors, but GMGM said he’s just too valuable to the team that he couldn’t let him go. I don’t necessarily agree with him on that and believe he should’ve been able to go, but it’s whatever
  • I absolutely adore the little bromance Wilson, Nate Schmidt, and Michael Latta have going on! They’re such beauties, I can’t take it.
  • Also, Volpatti is quite attractive. Just sayin’.
  • Alexander Ovechkin is a boss. He’s just…ugh. I love him. He’s awesome sauce. So is Nick.
  • Mike Green sucks pass it on.  Not only because he hasn’t scored…I mean he’s a defensemen he doesn’t need to score, but he’s Mike Green and he normally scores and that’s weird…but like, he doesn’t do anything! He skates slow, he just, ugh. He’s frustrating.
  • People been talking shit about Braden Holtby, and I do not approve. I think he’s awesome.  He’s given up some goals that were eh, but, I think he’s pretty stellar.
  • That’s probably it for now.
  • OH OH OH! I MET NICKLAS BACKSTROM! I don’t think I posted about this last year, in fact I think I met him like a month after my last post, BUT IT IS A THING! And he was so nice! But I’m mad because I didn’t have my jersey with me so he has yet to sign it ): But still! It was a great day.  I actually have yet to go to Kettler or a game this season, unfortunately. Hopefully over winter break it’ll be a thing!

Well, I suppose this is all for now.  Again, thank you for everything, whether you’ve stuck with my craziness for the past three years, or if you’re just stopping by.  I promise not to be a stranger!


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