Holy Rustiness, Batman!

Merry Christmas hockey fans! This is a long time coming…this glorious day of hockey! I was so excited to watch my boys again annnnnd…they let me down. But that’s okay, because apparently half the NHL sucks too! Yay! Bullets, shall we?

Okay. Caps bullets first.

  • I love Ribs and Wolski. They’re like…we need them. If they weren’t on our team we wouldn’t have gotten much done. Well, there was the lovely Joel Ward scoring two goals, but I’m pretty sure both of his goals were assisted by those guys one time or another, so, yeah. Ribeiro and Wolski were awesome sauce.
  • YAY TOM POTI GETS ASSISTS! It’s spectacular to me that the man hasn’t played an NHL game in a little over two years and bam! Assist. Yay Tom.
  • Don’t really know where our top line was tonight…
  • Sucks for Jack Hillen getting hurt. It’s a good thing we have plenty of defensemen…
  • BUT THEY SUCK OMG WHAT WAS OUR D TONIGHT?!?!?! The only people I’m happy with are Greenie…ish, and the lovely Carlzner! We need Orlov, because that sucked. Doesn’t help that none of our D played an actual game while we were in a lockout. Mamma mia.
  • Braden Holtby breaks my heart. PUT YOUR BUTT IN THE NET, HOLTS! I saw Oates said he doesn’t blame Braden, but forreals. He should’ve had a few of those.
  • At least we’re shooting the puck. And I believe we got a PP goal! But we can’t take stupid penalties. That killed us.
  • I’m hoping we’ll get better over the next week.

Okay. So, the Caps were not the only team playing today! Lots o’ action in the NHL. Let’s talk, shall we?

  • The Kings put up their banner! It was a nice ceremony and they all passed the Cup around again and had lazers…and then they lost 5-2 to the Hawks (<3). I am SO glad I didn’t take Quick for my fantasy team! Boy, that was quite the game. My Hawks were looking sharp! 
  • The flippin Penguins won ): But at least Sidney didn’t get any points! That’s what really matters. I’m glad Geno did though because he IS on my fantasy team. Thanks, G. Still dislike you.
  • Ottawa beat Winnipeg 😀 That’s what I like to see…teams beating the southeastern conference…other than the Caps of course.
  • Speaking of which HOW ABOUT THAT FLORIDA/CAROLINA GAME?! And people were saying they don’t think the Panthers will be good this year. Looked pretty awesome to me. Poor Canes. Poor Staals. Poor Sasha.
  • Boston beat NYR despite Hanks STELLAR saves. Love that man, he’s a beaut.
  • The Maple Leafs won?! Huh. Good for them.
  • The Isles lost, but what else is new?
  • The Blues kicked some Red Wings ass. I have lots of St. Louis guys on my team so (:
  • I’ll put this next one together. Dallas and Columbus won. Kewl.

Welp. That’s the haps. I pinky swear my next post will have pictures/videos/something cool. I promise. Ta ta for now!


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