Hockey Is Back! Me Too!

Hellloooo, fancy seeing you here! I’m baaaaaaack, and so is the NHL OH YEAAAAH! I’ve honestly been so sad these past few months without hockey. I didn’t know what to do with myself! Here’s some things we missed while I was off sulking and attempting to find a life outside of hockey…

  • Nicky played for Dynamo with Alex and they were both awesome! Both in the all star game too…or at least would’ve been.
  • Nicky is hurt ): He better be better soon for the season. That is unacceptable.
  • ALEXANDER OVECHKIN IS ENGAGED!!!! Who would’ve thought. YAY OVI!
  • John Carlson has some loooooong hair. Cut that shiz, JCar.
  • Hmm… oh. We get the Holts while he’s been doing awesome in Hershey! Yay Holtbeast!
  • Went to the Hershey game at VC. It was lovely, but definitely not the same atmosphere as a Caps game. Good nonetheless!
  • Yeah. That might be it.

Anywhom… hockey starts the 19th! Just 12 days away! I’ll be counting the seconds. It’ll probably be a tough, short season, especially with Carolina having Sasha and the Staals and whatnot. And then the Rangers are just scary. But who knows…maybe things will change. Hopefully the Caps will kickass and win the Stanley Cup! Yay hockey!


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