I Need A Little Cheering Up…

Hi guys…sorry I never posted about Thursday’s game, I was busy Friday and most of today up until now. The Caps didn’t look sucky, but they weren’t shooting or anything so that’s not really good. The hits were awesome though. And Sid didn’t get any points. And Chimmer’s goal was so nice. Goal of the century, I think. But we didn’t win. But I think we can turn it around, starting tonight. It’s Brooksy and Ovi’s 500th game, omg. They’re both going to score, I can tell.

Bruce had his first game with Anaheim yesterday and they lost in OT. But Cogs scored! And babyface Gordo! I hope BB and the Ducks do well. They all deserve it.

I’m sad. Why? Remember a few days ago I did a post about Alex’s girlfriend? And I wasn’t heartbroken? Well now I am. Because apparently Nicklas DOES have a girlfriend. So I’m sad and need cheering up. I think you’ll enjoy things I’ve selected for this cheering up. Videos videos and more videos. (:

Carly, Holts, Alzner, and Fehrsy

Click this link and it shall direct you to a CSN video from last year of the boys after practice goofing off. I especially like the beginning when they’re “curling” or whatever and Braden kind of sucks at it and they all laugh hysterically. John’s laugh is so dumb though. But it’s really funny. I think you’ll enjoy this (:

So, this is Ebs and Hallsy doing a tour of their crib and it’s adorable because it’s Ebs and Hallsy. Eberle has the cutest voice. And he has that gap but it adds character I think.  “Pretty sure you just walked into it.” “Just to clear that up we shower at the rink.” Oh Jordan. (:

And finally, my favorite non-Russian captain (:

Tazer funny moments…not by me. I apologize for the music at the end I could do without it. But mainly I loved his story, and his butt. (:

Well I’m slightly happier. I hope all you Backstrom adorers are as well. We’ll get through this together. Let’s go Caps!

Annnd because I feel like cheering for other people I shall say let’s go…Blackhawks, Maple Leafs, Hurricanes, Jets, Rangers (shocking I know), Predators, Coyotes, Islanders, Oilers, and Sharks!

Au revoir!


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